Signature style of my name: Is my signature harmful?

Each of us has a signature, and like any of us I also have a very unique signature style of my name. I remember that my first signature looked like that of my home tutor’s. It looked good at that time. But as time went by and I came across signature analysis and its benefits, I realised that the signature I had become accustomed to was not good for me. I will tell you shortly what my earlier signature looked like.

By the way, do you recollect how you the signature style of your name? Ok, let me ask you straight. Do you remember how you got your first signature. I read somewhere on Internet about a person who said his signature style looked similar to his dad’s. He said he liked his father’s signature on his report card and then one day he decided to start signing like him.

Till here there does not seem to be any problem. But you need to know that some signatures styles of your name are not good for you at all. In fact, without you knowing your signature style may be harming you at some level.

I do not know whether that man ever tried to find out whether the signature style of his name is harmful. But you should. In order to know whether it is harming you at any level, you should get your signature analysed at least once. And if you are not convinced that you should get your handwriting and signature styles analysed, read this article in which I have listed out five signature styles that you must avoid. And one of the five is mine.