How to analyse a signature using handwriting analysis

What does signature reveal about a writer? According to graphology, also known as handwriting analysis, signatures tell a great deal about the writer. Your signature represents your public image.

For example, flamboyant people have large signatures. That is why most movie stars have large signatures, which indicate that they crave for attention. On the other hand, most academicians, scholars and researchers have a smaller signature because they want to avoid the limelight.

Size of signature

In signature analysis, if the writer’s signature is larger than the rest of overall handwriting, it shows that the person has good self-confidence. On the other hand, if his signature is smaller than the rest of his writing, it may be indicative of his insecurity. And, if the signature and the handwriting are of the same size, the person wears no facade; he wears no mask. He shows his real self in public. (Signature to avoid)


Slant of signature

If the handwriting slants to the right, but the signature is straight, it indicates that the person more emotional than he appears to be. Such writers will act more logical in public. But at home, they will be more open and expressive. If the signature slants to the right and the overall handwriting is straight, it shows the writer pretends to be very friendly in public. But at home, such writers are pretty cool. (Tips for a good signature)

Illegible or legible signature

If the signature is impossible to make out, it indicates that the writer does not want to tell the world who he or she really is. (Read more about illegible signature) On the other hand, if the overall handwriting is illegible but the signature is legible, this could indicate that the writer does not care about getting across his message across. He just wants to you know who he is.

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