Your personality traits in handwriting: See where

Believe it or not, your handwriting can tell a lot about your personality traits. This refers to the study and analysis of handwriting called graphology. More specifically, the personality aspects refer to a specific approach to graphology called integrative graphology. How can looking at someone’s handwriting tell you about them?

Pressure in handwriting: Well, the pressure the person wrote with can allude to the emotions of the person at the time of writing; more pressure for instance could mean tenseness or frustration, and generally heavy emotions, in the writer. Light strokes could mean a sense of calmness and lighter emotion.

Shape of handwriting: The shape of the strokes and structure of the words themselves can also tell about a person. A relaxed, calm person would traditionally use a loose style with squiggly lines and irregular strokes, while someone with a more rigid, angular could show a more intense or stressed.

Virtually every aspect of a person’s handwriting can give hints about their personality. If anyone has seen the recent Sherlock Holmes movie, A Game of Shadows, you may remember Sherlock used graphology to taunt Professor Moriarty by using the professor’s handwriting to tell him about his own personality.


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