Analysis of Akansha’s handwriting sample

I am wondering from where I should start analysing your handwriting and what should be my opening line. I think I will use two opening lines in your case. You are a girl who falls in trouble primarily because you use your heart to make decisions. And second: you talk A LOT.

Yes, Ms Akansha. These are the two very important reasons why you have faced a great deal of embarrassment and hurt. I am sure you have friends and well-wishers advising you to keep your mouth shut. And you decide you won’t talk much. But you… no way! You can’t be made to keep quiet.

Even before your plans are executed, the entire world comes to know about them. And if for some reason, you are unable to execute it, you feel bad all the more because the world knew that you were going to do that. There are some plans, Miss, which you should not disclose till they are executed. I don’t mean to say that you don’t know all that. You do. Very well. But when it comes to keeping a secret, you find yourself h-e-l-p-l-e-s-s! Don’t you? Ok, I am not pulling your leg now.

Let’s talk about something else. Can we talk about your gullibility? Ok. We’ll do that. Your handwriting tells me you are taken in easily by stories that appeal to your heart. In plain terms, because of your tendency to look at a situation at the surface level, some people in the past have presumed upon your innocence and have taken advantage of you.

Akansha, your handwriting is telling me that you are really angry with someone with whom you are/were involved at a romantic level. I see enough evidence in your handwriting strokes to conclude that your trust in people around you has been dented considerably — one of the reasons behind it is the same which has angered you so much. Your trust was broken and your expectations were overlooked and ignored. Of late, you have started losing your cool too.

You are the kind of person who likes interaction with people and who hates sedentary jobs. I am not aware of the nature of your employment, but you feel you would do much better if the job allowed you to interact with others. And you are not at all wrong about it. You are a people’s person.

Something very crucial than all other points discussed above: DO NOT hammer yourself all the time. You have an inclination to selectively spot your own deficiencies. Akansha, you must, I repeat you must, remove this self-deprecating habit. In the past, you have stayed in bad situations, jobs and relationships because you thought you wouldn’t get any better.

Oops! I have written a lot. I should stop now.

Now, the changes required in your handwriting. Your handwriting analysis exercise will be sent to you via email. The exercise will help you deal with your inability to finish your projects. You tend to give up mid-way, don’t you? After you finish this, I will give you one more exercise. That’s it!

All the best!