Handwriting baseline may signal whether the writer feels suicidal

In the past two weeks, about 22 people, including some students, committed suicide in Maharashtra. Most of them were from Mumbai. They decided to end their lives due to examination pressure. A Std X student committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling when his parents were away. A first-year BCom student jumped off the terrace of a five-storey building, and a 24-year-old woman hanged herself to death because her family was forcing her to tie the knot.

The mother of one of the victims was crying inconsolably on TV, reiterating just one thing: “I wish I knew [what was on her daughter’s mind]…” Her friends said the girl was under pressure because of the high expectations of her parents.

Studies show that in most cases, students commit suicide for having failed to live up to the expectations of their parents who want their children to be the “best”;  aspire to fulfill their dreams through their offspring; weigh down the tender shoulders with their obscure hopes and unwittingly push them on the verge of suicide. According to psychology, failure to fulfill parents’ expectations gives birth to a sense of guilt among children who subsequently begin to hate themselves and seek to wipe out their identity.

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Anyway, I have no business dilating on how parents should behave. I have neither the experience nor the willingness to talk about it. Millions of words have been written on it how parents should treat their children. I don’t wanna add more. All I want to do here is to say that handwriting analysis can reveal whether someone is feeling suicidal. My aim here is to ensure people get fewer chances to say, “I wish I knew…”.

The first sign to look for is depression. In graphology, depression is seen when the baseline of handwriting slopes or the word at the end of a sentence suddenly drops.

I present here three handwriting samples (in pics below) — all by people who have descending baselines and all of whom committed suicide. If the descending baseline is accompanied by a low t-bar (indicating poor self-esteem), the tendency to commit suicide becomes extremely strong.


Words at the end of the sentence invariable drop


There is a sudden drop in the last word of the second line.


Likewise, all last words in the three lines drop at the end

If you find these in the handwriting sample of someone close to you, you know what to do.

In Part II of the article, I have published some more strokes, which reflect suicidal tendency of the writer. Watch out this space for more clues.