Is Salman Khan really a bad boy? His handwriting tells a few secrets

Salman KhanGive a man a free hand and he’ll run it all over you. Salman Khan did this to ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif — not literally — while hosting an episode of Bigg Boss-4 in mid-December 2010. A jilted Salman, writhing in pain after being dumped by the sizzling actress, stung her with his acerbic remarks, and reportedly brought her to tears by making fun of her Hindi and disparaging her association with other actors, such as Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan. Salman was unstoppable on the show because it was his barbecue.

That episode gave Sallu-haters another chance to lampoon him. Some said he is a big loser, and that another girlfriend had dumped him because he is an utter jerk. His previous girlfriends — Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali and Aishwarya Rai (in that order) — also kicked him out of their lives because he had ill-treated them, they said.

Salman is my favourite actor. But the charges against him are serious. So, I ordered the fan in me to take a sleeping pill and allowed the handwriting analyst in me to take charge and investigate a bit. Here are the findings:

Salman Khan's handwriting

Salman Khan’s handwriting

1) Is Salman a compulsive abuser?

Look at his handwriting sample. Notice the claw in the lower part of letter ‘s’ in ‘straight’. The claw shows that the writer could be abusive and secretly violent. The claw-like formations are dangerous and if you see them in the handwriting of anyone you know, please be careful.

 Another interesting thing about this claw is that it travels into the lower zone — the area below the baseline — where it does not belong. The lower zone, which reflects the writer’s relationship with his romantic partners, his professional health and physical life, is usually occupied by letters, such as y, g, j, f, and z. A writer with too many claws in his handwriting usually turns out to be a heart-breaker.

About such claws, famous graphologist Andrea McNichol says: “The claw means… bitterness and bad instincts. He will seem to be the nicest person on the earth. No one would suspect this person of having an evil bone in his body. But he will end up clawing you…. This is most frightening because you don’t know the knife is coming.”

2) Does Salman looks for a mother in his girlfriends?

There may be some degree of truth in this allegation as well. Notice that the top bar in personal pronoun I (PPI) is far away from the stem. The top bar in PPI indicates the writer’s relationship with his mother, while the stem denotes the writer himself. The distance between the stem and the top bar indicates that Salman has been emotionally/physically/mentally distant from his mother. In such conditions, the need to see a mother in one’s girlfriend becomes a sub-conscious inevitability.

The lower bar, which reflects the writer’s relationship with the father figure, has been crossed by the stem. This cross indicates the writer’s strained relationship with his father. Notice the size difference between the two bars. The top bar is bigger, which reflects the strong craving he has for motherly affection. With his father, he has a difference of opinion. In fact, the physical/mental/emotional presence of his father has been missing from his life, which is indicated by the lack of lower loop in letter ‘f’ in ‘life’.

3) Why do girls fall for him?

Salman Khan and Aishwarya RaiThe man who has been titled as the most sexiest man alive in Asia is definitely a charmer. He is romantic and can be very good with words sufficient enough to disarm women. Notice the top loops in ‘f’ in life and ‘s’ in ‘straight’. Top loops show that he is a romantic person. There is a very interesting thing about the loop in ‘s’. Usually you won’t find a loop in top part of ‘s’. It shows that Salman kind of charms girls with his sweet talk, and then, without his own knowledge, he claws them (remember even the claw appears in the same letter).

4) Does he ever see his own fault?

In public, no. In private, he castigates himself. His large signature shows that in public, he likes to project himself as someone with an inflated ego. This stops him from admitting his own faults. That is why he keeps on messing around with his girlfriends but does not realise that somewhere he might be at fault. However, in private he criticises himself for the way he is. Look at the low t-bar in the last ‘t’ in ‘straight’. The low t-bar indicates he often finds faults with himself. And it’s a well-established fact that most abusive men have a very low self-esteem and they try to prove their superiority by putting down others.

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  • Biren

    Knot in Letter R behind the stem is it something related to love what he think love is something related to past ? pls guide…

    • Oh yes, Biren. You’ve got it right. It’s but natural that after so many failed relationships, he is left with no choice but to think that the ‘real love’ does not exist, and it probably died when someone he ‘loved the most’ abandoned him.

      Good point you made…

      • Biren

        Thank you very much sir…. one more thing wanted to ask you that there is a triangle formation in his signature it this showing any domestic abuse something like that….


  • Hello sir,

    The way he has written the letter H in right, esp the way he starts it, the stroke of the stem i mean, can you please tell something about it? Does it signify something?  

  • Bireniil

    sir wud like to know what is the therapy for wavy erratic base line

    • Dear Biren,

      I desist from talking about therapeutic parts of graphology on forums. It is because graphotherapy is a complicated process and it should not be generalised.

      Thanks for being an active member.

  • Chellaram Kumaran

    Sir where is the personal pronoun “I” here?  I cant see any.

  • Chellaram Kumaran

    Ok Sir, if the felon’s claw appears only in the personal pronoun “I”, does it mean anything significant?

  • Zainki92

    hey Nice …I really like ur handwriting analysis ,,,,hey why don’t  u read the handwriting of actors ….!!

  • Zaineb92

     hey Nice …I really like ur handwriting analysis ,,,,hey why don’t  u read the handwriting of more actors ….!!

  • donaldbaxter

    so finally SALLU gets his just desert…GOOD. now let us do a fresh study on him and his NEW SIGNATURE which is more HELLISH than the first one here. the lower loop in his BIG S is turned DOWN AND IS A BIG CLAW…he sure has a habit of CRUELTY. confirmed and double confirmed. VISHWAS you and all of us who were being ridiculed once, now stand vindicated. GRAPHONOMY WINS…every time…and let SALLU’s die hard fans scream blue murder, he is guilty as hell. this is not being vindictive…this is JUSTICE DELAYED, DENIED AND NOW DEALT. long live the Indian JUDGES.

  • RD

    does not seem like a very objective analysis. disappointed with the time wasted on this