Perversion: Paedophile Mr Duncan Grant’s handwriting looks like this?

British nationals Duncan Grant and Allan Waters were convicted by the Supreme Court last week for sexually abusing two minor boys living in shelters run by them in Mumbai. Many watched the two culprits on TV giving sound bytes after the judgment, and wondered how someone could be sexually attracted to children.

Even the court said: “The sexual abuse of children is one of the most heinous crimes. It is an appalling violation of their trust, an ugly breach of our commitment to protect the innocent.”

The scorn and despise associated with the crime notwithstanding, we have come across many cases in which children were the helpless victim of sexual perversion. We just hope to never encounter such criminals in our personal lives. But even if we do, probably we won’t be able to know the truth about them. After all, who would have thought that the two eloquent and well-mannered men were sick paedophiles? In fact, most people known to the British nationals have testified that the convicts did not show any sign of perversion.

True. Just by talking to someone, it is difficult to discover whether the individual can have perversion at any level, let alone sexual. However, handwriting analysis can give some indication. Let me tell you how.

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Duncan Grant & Allan Waters
Allan Waters (Left) and Duncan Grant speak to the media

In handwriting analysis, sexual perversion in a writer is primarily seen in the lower zone letters, especially in g and y. Let me add here that when I talk about perversion in sexuality, I do not necessarily mean paedophilia. Perversion knows no bounds. So,  it can go up to as far as your imagination soars. The lower zone, according to graphology, reflects the writer’s physical and sexual life. See the image below:

Sexual perversion in handwriting

Sexual perversion in mostly seen in lower zone of  handwriting (Picture courtesy: Handwriting University)

Notice the lower zone on the three words. They are twisted, and some unnecessary strokes have been introduced in them. Also, the normal loops  in these letters are missing. In short, they look abnormal. According to graphology, extreme deviation in the formation of lower zone letters reflects the perversion in the writer’s sexual imagination. Similarly, if the upper zone of a handwriting sample is twisted, it shows the intellectual perversion of the writer. I will talk about the upper zone some other time.

Now, you might ask me whether the two convicted Englishmen have the same kind of y’s & g’s. I believe it’s very likely.

Besides a ‘pervert’ lower zone, if a writer has a prominently right slant in his handwriting, letting his sexuality get out of hand (forgive the pun) won’t be  difficult for him. There are plenty of other factors in handwriting, which  play a crucial role in determining the sexual behaviour of an individual. Such complex aspects of graphology are taught in classrooms; this platform, I am sorry to say, is inappropriate for such discussions. However, if there are any questions bothering you about the things I have discussed here, I’d like to take them.

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