Is it Team Anna or just a pack of wolves? Their signatures will reveal

You can now forget about all Indian action heroes. The real-life star is Anna Hazare, the Indian He-Man. He and his dauntless team made Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his bunch of supercilious studs lose their erection in no time and stay flccid, at least for now, or till the time the idea of raping and ravaging the country turns on those in power once again.

Anna Hazare’s fast continues even as I write this and in the coming few days, India will know whether it gets a Lokpal Bill as weak as Manmohan Singh or a strong one like the intrepid Gandhian. Whatever be the outcome of his agitation, but it cannot be denied that the man’s inner strength and willpower is remarkable.

I somehow got Hazare’s signature, and with the help of handwriting analysis, I will find out a little more about the fearless crusader, who has managed to give shivers to some of the most powerful people in the country.

Anna Hazare is India's real He-Man (Imaging by Raj Kishore Verma)

1) Anna Hazare has a reasonably large signature size. One strong point of such writers is that usually it is not easy to intimidate them. The government tried that unsuccessfully, we know that. Such writers are fearless, and they become more persistent in the face of opposition.

Anna Hazare's signature2) The fairly straight baseline of Anna’s signature reveals that he is someone who won’t indulge in flip-flops. He says things after deliberations. Writers with such straight baseline seldom lose touch with reality and often stay grounded.

3) The legibility in his handwriting indicates that the man does not like to hide his motives. He says what he means, and means what he says. This clarity in thoughts empowers him to walk around with aplomb and mince no words while voicing his opinions. Such writers are courageous.

Imaging by Raj Kishore Verma

4) Many people opposed to his campaign against corruption say he is doing all this to grab eyeballs and stay in the limelight. Such wishes of an individual are primarily seen in the signature. As a handwriting analyst, I can affirm that the signature of our desi superman does not show any such tendency.

5) Another charge Anna Hazare faces is that he often loses self-control and gives impassioned speeches. The slant of his handwriting does say that he is emotional, but he is not someone who would lose control. He can switch easily between his mind and heart. His signature also indicates that he likes to be with people and does not feel comfortable alone.

Santosh Hegde & Arvind Kejriwal’s signatures

Honestly, I don’t like either of the two handwriting samples below. There is something common between the two writers: both of them scribble and have illegible signatures. Scribbled handwriting do not contain clear letters. Hence, it is difficult to analyse them. But these types of signatures tell us a few things about the writer. One of them is a tendency to give a damn about others’ thoughts and opinions. They scribble and write fast primarily because they are quick thinkers and their minds run faster than their hands.

An interesting thing about Kejriwal’s signature is the underline. This shows that the man has healthy self-confidence and wants people to acknowledge his presence and take him seriously.

By the way, I have found most lawyers have illegible signatures. The big fox of the government, Kapil Sibal, has a similar signature. (See here) Personally, I am careful with people who sign like this. And that includes Hegde and Kejriwal. One should be careful because such writers do not show to the world what they really think. They do not disclose their real intentions to others. You should double-check before trusting them.

Shanti and Prashant Bhusan:

Signatures of Shanti Bhusan and Prashant BhusanI have often heard Prashant Bhusan speak on television shows. This man rarely loses his temper. He always speaks calmly. But does his signature also reveal that he is as calm as he shows on TV? The answer is yes. His signature is absolutely straight. It shows he is guided mostly by his mind. Interestingly, this lawyer has a keen interest in philosophy.

As far as emotional make-up is concerned, Prashant’s father Shanti Bhusan’s personality is similar to his son’s. However, the Bhusan Senior seems to be a more complicated man. He has a big ego and is filled with immense inner strength, persistence and energy. He is an authoritative person who won’t like to take orders from anyone. He thinks very highly of himself and he would bite back if you attempt to hurt his reputation.

Now, it’s time to answer the question I asked in the headline of this article. The leader of this pack is strong; he knows what he wants and he a fairly good idea of what he is doing. Hence, it’s clear here that the leader of this campaign is in command. From whatever handwriting samples I have of Anna and his team, I can say that the team may have all it takes to lead a successful campaign.

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  • Shanker Dutt

    Very interesting

  • Nancy

    This is really goooood! I hope the team takes the campaign to its logical conclusion. 

    What do you think of Manmohan Singh? Won’t you want to analyse his handwriting?


    i am suppurting anna ji and i am sure that he will win on anshen and let currupted india free of curruption.
    jai hind!
    jai javan!
    vande mataram!
    anna tum sagarsh karo,hum tumare saath hai.!
    anna auncle ji namskar!

  • Shankargawande

    I like Anna Hazare signature .He is a good man .

  • dp

    Irrespective of handwriting analysis,what’s important is that the cause is very very important and all right thinking people should support Anna & his team who have presented an excellent Janlokpal Bill.May be few minor changes are required like Judiciary to be excluded etc.Overall a very strong & effective Janlokpal bill is required to tackle the menace of corruption.
    Kudos to Anna & his team.

  • donald baxter

    well said, after having my doubts about ANNA and his team, i am now a die-hard fan of them all.attended their rally on janamashtmi and had a first hand taste of their mindpower and heartpower.vishwas you are absolutely right about them have left out KIRAN BEDI.please include her too.also the handwriting is missing, only the signatures are here and many of these signatures of celebrities are given as autographs   and sometimes are not the REAL SIGNATURES they normally use.i would urge you to verify this.also we await a test report of MANMOHAN SINGH…the mum-man.i would soon add my comments on these signatures.just one point for now: don’t you see WORRY loops in PRASHANT BHUSHAN’S sign?and his father,SHANTI BHUSHAN seems to have a blast from his past( look at the long down PRE-STROKE in his S).

    • Donald, I did not find Bedi’s signature. The loops in Prashant’s signature are really interesting. I understand why you have pointed it out. But I chose not to speak about it. 

      In Bhusan senior’s analysis, I have just said that he is “more complicated”. Did not want to elaborate much here. The article would have become much too long in that case.

      And more important, thanks for your inputs.

  • devendra,lucknow

    thankyou anna for the war against corruption

  • Sundar Mohan

    Anna is a twit, so is his team. But arguably the bigger twits are the Gandhis, Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi, L K Advani, the Yadavs, Chidambaram and the entire political class.
    The Lokpal Bill is totally flawed. What we need is very strong electoral reforms, not putting all eggs in one basket called Lokpal.
    The ridiculous thing is Anna saying that democracy means people decide– that is what is called Parliament, you idiot.

    • Sundar Mohan,first things first , get your concept right.
      Democracy is government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

      Then feel free to call, what u please.

      Further, this is NO debating platform; would appreciate if you stick to the purpose to you reached here for.