What will Kim Kardashian do if you tell her to put on few more clothes?

Kim Kardashian was an average celebrity till she first rose to fame in February 2007 when she starred in a sex tape. The socialite has never been out of spotlight since then. In fact, Kim Kardashian has several fans as well across the world. One such fan, who says he loves her gigantic assets, expressed his wish to know more about the hottie beyond her hot photo shoots, and asked me to analyse her signature. No, that fan is not me. Just clarifying.

Kim Kardashian's signatureNow, I request you to look at her signature also. Her signature reveals that the beauty is a very very sensitive woman. She appears to be brash, but the fact is that she is bothered about what people think or say about her. People close to Kim Kardashian often experience that she seldom takes criticism in the right spirit. If she is criticised or gets negative comments, she defends herself vigorously and tries to prove that her point of view is correct. But she keeps thinking about those comments for a long time, and they affect her badly. Often, she probably overreacts to many things and likes to blame others for her problems. So, if you advise her to put on more clothes, she will bite you. And not in a loving way.

Kim Kardashian’s handwriting suggests she has a very fertile mind, and she can make people lose their way in her world of words. If she is in her elements and she likes you, talking to her could be a delight. In short, her signature shows that she has fabulous communication skills.

Her signature also reveals that Kim Kardashian is a very confident woman. People usually find her composure and equanimity fascinating. She handles her matters in public with great aplomb. Her handwriting suggests that she comes across as someone who is optimistic and always knows what she wants, and how to do things. Kardashian has a good willpower. She likes to have her way and it is not easy for someone to get to her to toe a line.

And lastly, the missing i-dot in Kardashian’s signature shows is a forgetful woman. She lacks attention to details. If you give her multiple tasks, she has a tendency to forget some of them. But even if she forgets, one should dare not criticise her.

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  • bireniil

    She can backย  stab opposite sex . And what is the meaning of loop in both the K’s… and also the K goes in the lower zone pls guide


    • Dear Biren, I would like you to explain where in her handwriting you see the tendency to back-stab men.

      The k-stem going into lower zone, among other things, is usually indicative of a great deal of determination. You may look at Ratan Tata’s signature (search on this website) where you will find a similar stroke.

  • Celine :)

    She will truly love and like it if you tell how sexy and pretty she is in her cloths! ๐Ÿ™‚ and definitely she will think of what people will say about her looks! ๐Ÿ™‚ย she needs a good secretary to remind her daily routine and schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚ One should be very attentive to details and good memory ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, Celine. Her signature sample backs up the points you have raised. She indeed has a poor memory.

    • Celine :)

      Kim Kardashian is loves to tell how sexy and pretty she is on her dress (by the big loop on her “d” stem) She will think of what other people will say about her looks ( by the humps on her “m” higher on the second humps) Attentiveness and good memory (will show on i dot on the i stem. )

  • Celine :)

    And One more thing that I like her is ” Setbacks and failure don’t stop her! ”ย 

    • Celine, also tell us where you see that.

      • Celine :)

        Set back and failure dont stop her (K on the Kim and Kardshian is written below the baseline is called determination)

        • Celine :)

          This is only a piece of cake of her whole personality we cannot tell a lot from her signature ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Iffat

    Hello sir,can you tell by what strokes you have written all her personality aspects?You only mentioned the missing dot.

    • Hello Iffat,

      Yes, at times I am unable to give the exact reason how I see a particular trait. That’s because I want to avoid this-means-that theory.ย 

      Very often, a particular trait is confirmed by a combination of strokes in a handwriting sample. I won’t be able to do justice to such complex discussions on a platform like this; like most graphologists, I like to keep them for classrooms.

      Hope I have made myself clear. If there is anything else you want to know. Also, I would also request other graphologists to reply to questions.

      • Iffat

        I get you sir!ย 

        I can also see that she wants attention as the ending stokes of letters M & N are flying off in an upwards direction.