What Sunny Leone’s autograph says about her personality

Before Sunny Leone’s entry in Bigg Boss 5, many people did not know about her. I was one of them. I was even looked down upon by a friend. “You didn’t know Sunny Leone? Shame on you!”

After her entry in Bigg Boss, Sunny Leone had become famous overnight. The media helped her in her journey from being just a file name in the hidden folders of guys’ personal computers and laptops to becoming a household name in India, and many others parts of the world. The entry of a successful adult movie star in a reality show in India was quite a bold move on the part of the Colors, the entertainment channel which hosted the programme.

Sunny Leone

Thank God, now I can analyse her  handwriting on Write Choice without running the risk of being called a voyeur. Before Sunny Leone’s entry in Bigg Boss,  it won’t have made sense anyway. The Internet provided me only a few samples of her signatures. Guess, the movie star does not get much time to write. So, here is an analysis of her handwriting:

Sunny Leone signatureGood imagination: Sunny Leone’s signature analysis reveals that the sexy girl has a fantastic imagination (shown by too many loops). For success in the kind of work she does, imagination is a great asset. It certainly helps her make things more interesting for the viewers. Well, we won’t go deeper here. Hence, we’ll hop to the next point.

Adaptable personality: There is no doubt that Sunny looks stunning, and her screen appearance is charming. Film producer and director Mahesh Bhatt went to the Bigg Boss house to make her an offer for his forthcoming movie, Jism 2. She has agreed to do the film. But the point is: will the transition from porn to mainstream be easy for her? Maybe. The soft connection between letters in Sunny’s signature shows she is a flexible person who can adapt to new situations quickly.

Sunny Leone autographIs she really affable: Several Bigg Boss fans say Sunny Leone’s personality is as charming as her captivating looks. But some people are of the opinion that her good nature seen on the screen could just be a facade. Let’s ask her handwriting. Her signature indicates  that Sunny is indeed as affable as she appears on the show (notice the garland connection between letters). She is a friendly person who is capable of being emotionally supportive.

But there is another side to this: she is malleable. She could be easily influenced and forced by others to do what they want her to do. She does this to avoid conflicts because she gets uncomfortable handling disputes and differences. Here is a proof: According to a Bigg Boss viewer, co-contestant Sky is forcing her to behave in a certain manner and she is just obeying like a pet.

Hidden side: One interesting thing I have noticed about her autograph, the signature that she wrote in 2003 when she became the Penthouse Pet of the year (in black & white picture at top) consists of her full name. But in some recent ones, she has reduced it to scribbling. Such a transition is sometimes indicative of some changes in the way a writer wants others to view his public life. It also reflects that the person is trying hard to see to it that others do not get to know about a few things currently going on in his life. If you meet Sunny, you may ask her what it is.

Is Sunny Leone ‘honest’? After meeting Sunny Leone in the Bigg Boss house, Mahesh Bhatt said, “Sunny is very honest and beautiful.” Beautiful, sure. But honest as well? Not sure. Before Sunny Leone’s entry in Bigg Boss, Bhatt did not even know her personally. I do not know how Bhatt can be so certain about it after meeting the person just once. I guess all he wants to do is to create a positive impression about the person he is going to make his heroine. Fair enough. But does her handwriting corroborate Bhatt’s views?

Sunny Leone handwriting

From whatever small handwriting sample I have, I can tell you that I don’t agree with Bhatt. According to graphology, scribbling often indicates that the writer is not giving the entire story, and there is definitely something hidden in mind.  But I would like to see more handwriting samples of Sunny Leone before saying something about her honesty or the lack of it.

All said and done, Sunny Leone’s entry in Bigg Boss has indeed made her more famous than full-time career would have afforded her. Good for her!

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  • donaldbaxter

    dear VISHWAS…there you go again HARD on the heels of hardcore personalities.very interesting…however you have kept us your fans guessing WHERE you see all these juicy bits in sunny’s life and limbs.please enlighten us in detail soon.
    meanwhile i would plunge in with my observations as usual.
    first sunny baby’s writing is missing so her inner xray is yet to be done.signatures are usually the public mask we all wear.
    but her signatures are as interesting as her in flesh.notice the 69 position here…her sign is really a pictograph as many signatures are.
    phallic symbols are a plenty and she sure is full of you know what.
    also notice the different positioning of her name and surname.perhaps this is what she is hiding–her alienation from her family and its values which might be bothering her now a little in the country of her origin.
    also notice the double layer signatures, the different slant to her name and surname.
    also notice how in the first sample there is a gap between the L in her surname and the rest of the name LEONE. alienation for sure.
    the L in Leone in the last two samples is done backward…quirky tastes yes.
    the hooks shows tenesity…she can be possessive.
    dear VISHWAS, your penchant for going after celebrities is quite apparent here and your reputation for baring all should make mahesh bhatt invite YOU for jism 2 as well.may santa smile on you.
    sunny days are here again>

    • You have noticed all right things, Donald. Readers would like to know that phallic symbols in handwriting usually indicate the writer’s pre-occupation with sex. 

      And two-layer signature is showing here that Sunny places herself before her family or the values associated with it.

      Thanks, Donald, for your inputs…

      • donaldbaxter

        right said,boss! now go after VEENA MALIK.

  • Michael

    I am a die-hard Sunny Leone fan! Thanks for this article! What do you think of her self-esteem? Is she really happy with what she does?

  • Shikha

    Vishwas I am you bigggggg fan! I am watching Bigg Boss right now and I can see you are right when you say that Sunny Leone is malleable. She is being thoroughly used by that bastard mother fucker Sky. And she is obeying him like a cow!