Benefits of getting your handwriting analysed and learning graphology

Many people want to know why they should go for handwriting analysis. Handwriting analysis is both important and necessary for us at some level. There are plenty of reasons why you must get your handwriting analysed at least once. One of them is: handwriting analysis reveals many things about your personality. You can use handwriting analysis to know yourself better and be face to face with your strengths and weaknesses.


How useful handwriting analysis is

Till about a few years ago, handwriting analysis was restricted to forensic labs. Not any more. For example, several corporate firms, mostly multinationals, hire handwriting analysts to understand the personality traits of their job candidates. Well, the companies do not wish to know what you sex drive is. They choose handwriting analysis to know how suitable you are for the job you have applied for. Your handwriting can tell your creativity level, leadership qualities, ability to focus and manage people etc.

How about learning handwriting analysis

Why you should learn handwriting analysisIn fact, I would go a step ahead and suggest that besides getting your handwriting analysed, you should also know how to analyse handwriting. It can help you many ways. It will give you access to the inner feelings of the person sitting next to you in office or a friend. If you know how to get along with other people and know yourself a little better, you could be more successful. (We have a special section where you can learn about various aspects of handwriting analysis.)

Know others well with handwriting analysis

A client once told me that he liked a girl in his office, but was very clueless about what she feels because she did not interact much with anyone. He was pushing the envelope too hard, but no success at all. He then showed me her handwriting on an official document she had sent him.

The girl wrote with a left slant and had wide word spacing. The signal was red. The girl’s personality could not have allowed her to turn it green. She was emotionally distant because of bitter experiences in the past. And the matter was worsened because his persuasive behaviour and frequent overtures were strengthening her defence mechanism. The result: the more he pushed, the farther she went away from him.

My client had two options: One, forget about the girl. Two, make her comfortable and instill a feeling of security in her and convince her that she will be safe with him.

If he had known a few things about handwriting analysis, he won’t have pursued the girl so relentlessly. That dogged determination did not work in his favour.

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  • Michael Carter

    Hi, I would like to get my handwriting analysed. I am based in Hong Kong. Please help! I am going through a rough patch of my life. I believe I should give handwriting analysis a try. I have also sent an email to 


  • Dr Deepa Shetty

    Do you teach this science. where and how many days a week. I have basic knowledge as i have done the course but i would need a in depth study with respect to psychology

  • Rangan Buxy

    My father’s used to say regularly  ” Dot your ‘i”s & strike your “t”s. ” I have yet to see a handwriting more beautiful than my father’s. I have preserved many handwriting specimens of my father’s.