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Home Study Course Handwriting Analysis

Home-study Course on Graphology: Learn Online

We understand you are a busy person and it’s difficult for you to take the time out of your hectic schedule to attend a class on handwriting analysis. The good news is that the time constraint, which always prevented you from learning handwriting analysis, cannot be a barrier anymore. We have found you a solution; we bring you the home-study course in handwriting analysis.

You may have some concerns regarding the effectiveness of our home-study course. If you do, we urge you to read the comments posted by people who have taken our course. Just scroll down to the end of the page.

Now that you are convinced you’ve come to the right place in your pursuit of knowledge, you may ask us what this home-study course is all about and how it has been prepared.

The online course on handwriting analysis offered by us has been systematically divided into chapters. It also has several video tutorials which will help you understand a handwriting sample in a better manner. In the videos, we have explained all you need to see in a handwriting sample to analyse it accurately. (Check out details)

Now, you may ask: what will happen after you have taken the course?

We assure you that after completing this beginners’ course, any handwriting sample will ‘talk’ to you; you will know for sure what it means when someone writes in a certain way. And believe us, it will be fun!

So, wait no more. Grab yourself a home-study online course in handwriting analysis.

If you have already enrolled for the course, download it from the link below:


What you will learn in Level I:

  1. What margins in handwriting means
  2. What the baseline of handwriting reveals
  3. What spacing between words and letters means
  4. What the pressure of handwriting tells about a writer
  5. What the size of the handwriting — small, big, medium — reveals
  6. What the slant of handwriting reveals and how to measure slants
  7. What the connection between letters reveals
  8. How to analyse individual letters
  9. Signature Analysis – An introduction


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Discount expires on Feb 28, 2018

So, if you want to get access to our Online Course on Handwriting Analysis, send an email to info@writechoice.co.in. We will get back to you with details on how you can make the payment and get access to the entire home-study course on graphology.

You may pay by credit/debit card, netbanking or direct funds transfer. Take your pick. Our international customers can make the payment via PayPal.

After the payment is received, you can download the entire course from anywhere. (Visit our FAQs page)

For more information, Whatsapp us at +919076968891

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  • guest

    Congratulations Vishwas. Have been waiting for this for a long time

  • Jiya

    i just downloaded this course. there is soooo much to study in this. looks like it will take me 2-3 months before i finish this course. thanks for making it available to people of delhi. i coudl not attend ur classes in mumbai 🙂

  • Richa

    yayyyyyyyy i had been waiting for it since so many many months. i hope i am able to be an good an expert as vishwas is. thanks again

    • Sure, Richa. You can be if you pursue the course diligently. This course has been designed especially for beginners.

  • Tanima

    I was disappointed when I could not join your classes in last year. I could not find time because of my busy schedule. but now I can learn it.

  • Shreya

    Vishwas, I just bought the course and it looks really extesnive! Kudos! Glad that you did this. Thank you

  • Neha

    Hi, I bought the course this morning. but I am not able to access the chapter on margins. can you help?

    • Hello Neha,

      We have fixed the problem. You can now download the folder. Let us know if you still face any problem.

      • Neha

        thanks. i can download it now. thank you

  • Daniel

    This is so great. I live in London and have always thought about learning graphology..but never could make time. Thanks Vishwas, Can I approach you in case I nned any help 🙂

    • Yes, Daniel. We would like to remind you that currently the course is available for a discount.

  • Richa

    this is so much interesting. i have read finished the second chapter and i know so much already about handwriting analysis. 😀

  • Shubham

    writechoice, i have made the payment and have mailed you the details. please guide me how to download the course. sorry I am a bit technologically challenged. help me out pls

  • Sherin Maria Sebastian

    i wanted to get my handwriting checked. What should I do?

  • A Gandhi

    unfortunately I m not able to devot much time to course. I have completed 5 chapters. I appreciate the work content and amount of details especially in videos.

  • Ramesh Shinde

    i know so much about handwiritngs now! thanks for this home study course. i was not able to join your class because i live in vasai. and i thought i will never be able to learn handwritg analsiys. thanks for this course write choice

  • shaili

    I never knew there was so much hidden in someone’s handwriting. Thanks Write Choice I have learnt so much from the course. The videos are so helpful and detailed. Thanks!

  • KV

    any chance i can get this is paper back?

  • Koyal

    Jeez! I can really analyse handwriting now! the other day I told my uncle he is a very romantic person though he does not want others to see it. he was taken aback! 😀
    I loved the look on his face!

  • Payal Rao

    This course is too good. My relatives and friends are always following me now with their handwriting sample. And I also made many new friends. 😀

  • Prerana Jalgaonkar

    This is most comprehensive course.Each and every lesson reveals too many personality treats.While learning this course I did handwriting analysis of many people. It turned out to be 90-95% correct.It will help individual to know people around them in detail.

  • Nayna Shah

    Finished the course only last night. Everyone at home is surprised how I am telling such truth about everyone. I am amazed. please tell me when advance course is ready.

  • Beenhu

    I am a seeker by nature. I have the knack of learning same thing from 2-3 places. I learnt Graphology, bought many books but this course used to always pull my attention and by chance, there was a huge discount offer near Independence Day. So I joined but I really liked the content. Explained thoroughly with simplification. Each and every alphabet has also been explained not only with text but with the help of videos. Precise and rich content.