Analysis of Jasmina’s handwriting

In this post I am analysing the handwriting of Jasmina Šubic, a Write Choice reader from Slovenia, Europe. Jasmina, your handwriting reveals to me that you are a very direct person who speaks straight and to the point and likes to listen to things presented in a simple manner. You get irritated when someone does not get to the point immediately. You just like to say what you want in a few words and do not like to waste time being verbose.

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Jasmina, you like to have many friends and you like to spend more time in a group rather than being alone.  However, there is always an uncertainty in your about how much you can trust the other person. Therefore, sometimes you get very close and sometimes pull back. This exhausts you immensely at the mental level.

jasminathumbYou rarely upset people because most of the time you are in control of what you say. In other words, you are a head-ruled person who does not like impulsive behaviour in herself or others. Also, you feel uncomfortable in situations that demand your emotional side. Please note that I am not saying you are unemotional. You are indeed emotional. But when it comes to displaying them, you like to become choosy.

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You feel emotionally distant from your parents. I am not sure where they are, but even if they are around you feel away from them. Even as a child you had a similar experience. You think your parents were not around when you needed them to offer you emotional security.

Jasmina, your handwriting also tells me you are quite intuitive. Your intuitions often tell you in advance what to expect. Connecting or disconnecting with people is very convenient for you. You can choose to do either with amazing ease. For example, if there is someone you would like to avoid, you just shut the person out. And more often than not, you do that pretty successfully.

Physically, you are are strong woman and you like to get involved in physical activities.  It provides you satisfaction. What you hate the most is getting dragged into arguments. You want to avoid everything that looks even remotely similar to altercations.

I am not aware of your current profession but your handwriting tells me you have a knack of connecting thoughts that are found in people with an artistic bent, such as writers. Besides being a good listener, you are a fabulous talker as well and you communicate without any ambiguity. Oh yes, something I missed… I think concentration is a big issue with you. It is difficult to focus on something for a long time. You get distracted easily. Also, you often bite more than you can chew, which leads to many unfinished tasks.

Jasmina, leave your comment below while I get ready your graphotherapy exercise. It will reach you soon. If you have any query, please leave it in the box below and come back to check the reply.


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