Rahul Gandhi’s handwriting reveals he can take rash decisions

There is no doubt that Rahul Gandhi is a man of average intelligence, suave and has a charm about him. But will he be a good ruler? One can’t say.

Here, I have his handwriting sample that will help us discover a few things about the personality of the Gandhi scion. Also, we will try to figure out whether he has any commitment issues because of which he has not yet settled down. Come on, our mission here is: Unravel Rahul.

Rahul loves to reach out

Rahul Gandhi became a visible face in the Indian politics some seven years ago. Since then, we have known him as a person who likes to mingle with people, unlike other politicians. Most of his public appearances have presented him as a person who likes to be around people and has the ability to connect with them.

Now, let’s figure out from his handwriting whether he really likes people or it’s just a sham. Bingo! The slant of his handwriting suggests that Rahul indeed likes to take that extra step to reach out to people and mix up with them. He responds sympathetically to his universe. He is a sociable person.

However, in personal life, he does not let others come close to him. As a Prime Minister, we may see him completely different from his predecessors. Despite being in power, he will be more accessible than people who have occupied the chair in the past.

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Also, the right slant of the handwriting shows Rahul Dandhi is an impulsive person who won’t be able to keep his cool especially when the situation demands. It also indicates that the Congress leader can be rash and make uncalculated moves and later regret.

He is fast & quick

 The simplicity of the form in his handwriting shows Rahul likes to take shortcuts and get the message across quicker. He gets to the point quickly and would not like it if he is overburden with too many details. He just wants facts. A simplified writer like Rahul prefers telling “like it is”. The emphasis of his approach is on the intellect more than the emotions. However, if he leads the country, he may take some impulsive decisions.

Is he mama’s boy?

Ummm… Yes. He looks up to mother Sonia Gandhi for most of his decisions. This trait in him is reflected by the leftward lower zone in handwriting. He takes no decisions — personal or political — without consulting his mother. Will he ever come out of her shadow? Unlikely. With a mum as  powerful as her, it appears difficult.

Does he show his real persona?

Perhaps no. In public life, Rahul Gandhi has a tendency to hide his real persona.  See his illegible signature. It shows that at times, he will project himself as a completely different person just to appear right and up-to-date. This means he can hide his motives, and it will be difficult for not-so-close people to figure out what’s going on in his  mind.

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Sometimes, Rahul, who lacks enthusiasm (notice short t-bars), just promises things impulsively, and can’t keep commitments. So, this is where he will act like a typical politician! One more thing: Rahul’s illegible signature shows he is not interested in communication. That also means he won’t like if you come up with new ideas.

An illegible signature can bring him troubles and controversies the way it did for his father, Rajiv Gandhi, who also had illegible signature. Writers with illegible signatures have a tendency to indulge in underhand dealings (read Bofors scam). So, Rahul ought to watch out and he should try making his signature legible.

Does he like Gandhi surname?

No, he does not. Notice a truncated Gandhi in his signature. This means that Rahul does not like to be associated with anything which Gandhis have been doing over the years. He feels a strong need to detach himself from the name and disown the legacy that has earned criticisms from various quarters. So, one thing is certain. Rahul won’t behave like any of the Gandhis so far.

Is he commitment phobic?

Yes, Rahul baba is scared of commitment, which is probably one of the reasons why he has not married yet. Notice the wide spacing between words and the lack of connection between letters. Such a writer faces difficulty in establishing close relationships. Frequent breaks between letters suggest breaking of connection between himself and others.

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At times, Rahul thinks it is easier to manage his affairs alone rather than bother getting involved with others. But because Rahul loves to reach out, it’s possible he was the one who approached the object of his affection, but as things went on he started showing fear of commitment. This is what he told a newspaper just before becoming an MP for the first time:

“My girlfriend’s name is Veronique not Juanita,” laughs Rahul, “She is Spanish and not Venezuelan or Colombian. She is an architect not a waitress, though I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. She is also my best friend.” He met her in his university in England. Has he already proposed to her? “Hmm”, he answers with a huge smile, “I am not sure when I will be settling down.”

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