Is your child unable to concentrate? Changing his handwriting can help

We know it’s very difficult to control the mind. Ask students how frustrated they feel when they can’t concentrate on their studies despite trying too hard. They spend hours searching the Internet looking ways tips to improve their concentration. But very few methods actually work.

Many readers, in their letters to Write Choice, want to know how to improve their concentration. They tell me they are fed up with their minds playing truant, especially when they try really hard to focus. As soon as they begin to concentrate, the mind wander off and they realise it only after a few minutes.

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Consciously, they bring it back to their books, but like an unruly kid it again tiptoes out of the room. No wonder then that to describe the uncontrollable restlessness of mind, Swami Vivekananda has compared it to a maddened monkey made to drink freely of wine and stung by a scorpion.

Lack of concentraionIn handwriting analysis, lack of concentration is reflected by a few strokes, such as i and j dots and t-bars. Their placement and shapes or absence, for that matter, manifest an individual’s level of concentration.

Another indicator is the size of the writing. A large writing shows a writer’s inability to concentrate, while a small handwriting, such as Einstein’s (pic A), reflects the capacity to stay focussed.

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So, here is a simple way to improve your concentration. Graphology suggests a few ways and I’m going to tell you the easiest of them all which students will love.

Before you sit down to study, for six to seven minutes write in tiny writing (pic B). Remember to dot the i’s and j’s near the stem (Learn why). While you do the exercise make sure you go slow.

The exercise will enable you to shut out distractions. A caution: if your writing is big, don’t reduce the size of your handwriting in general. The size change is recommended only for the exercise.

Do send me your feedback on the changes you experienced.

You may be dying to know whether this handwriting exercise will help adults as well. Yes, it might. However, there are special handwriting exercises for adults to improve their concentration.

Write Choice has a special section for students. I believe each and every student must read the articles in this section.

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