Geetika Sharma’s suicide note will tell what went wrong with the girl

The suicide of 23-year-old Geetika Sharma, a former woman employee of an airline, and the role of Haryana minister Gopal Kanda as an abettor, have drawn the attention of the entire country. The girl was apparently depressed because the minister had been continuously harassing her.

Geetika said in her suicide note that Kanda, the Minister of State for Home Affairs in the Haryana government, had repeatedly exploited her and her family.

The suicide note clearly indicated that Gopal Kanda had driven Geetika to commit suicide. There was something going on between the two of them, which forced her to take away her life. She committed suicide at her residence in Delhi.

I got hold of two handwriting samples (below) belonging to the girl. First, the suicide note. And second, a note she had written about three months ago. In both these samples, she has spoken about Gopal Kanda and how “horrible” the man is.

Here are a few things that I noticed about Geetika Sharma’s suicide note:

Geetika was terrified and had been feeling isolated

Notice the very first letter of her sucicide note. It is noticebly leaning to the left. In a handwriting sample, when the personal pronoun stands out as one of the few letters leaning to the left, the indicates the writer’s isolation and fear. (Read more about left-slant in handwriting)

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Geetika Sharma suicide note

Geetika was in a tumultous state of mind

The slant of the suicide note is all over. In the first four lines, it stays straight. Then suddenly when she is writing Both of them have broken my trust… it suddently slants to the right. The slant stays that way for a few lines changing course once in a while. This unexpected right slant indicates she was suddenly overpowered by a surge of emotions. (Read about right slant in handwriting)

The interesting part is that in her previous letter, we do not see her handwriting tilting to the right. It mostly stays vertical. This shift in slant indicates that she had allowed feelings and emotions to take control of her actions. The girl had been on an emotional roller coaster for quite some time, which is shown by the varying slant of her handwriting. For someone to stay in a state of mind as turbulent and tumultuous as hers, a lot of things in life will have to go wrong.

Suicidal tendencies were high as per handwriting

At the right end of each sentence, the baseline of most of the letters are showing a sudden drop, which is a key indicator of the writer’s tendency to give up, says graphology. Check out from top: “my”, “their”, “misused”, “be” and “malicious”. In the previous handwriting written as well, you can see the drop in the terminal strokes at the right end of a few lines. In some cases, the terminal strokes of some individual words are also falling down the baseline. This indicates that the writer is fighting feelings bordering depression on a day-to-day basis.

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Feelings of guilt were troubling Geetika Sharma

Handwriting sample of Geetika Sharma

The suicide note as well the other handwriting sample indicate that Geetika was carrying plenty of guilt feelings (shown by letters with twisted lower zones). She felt she had traveled far too down the wrong lane and was consumed by feelings of having made some big mistakes. It seems she did not share the feelings with anyone, but deep down they were eating her away.

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