10 signature styles that can bring trouble for you; change them now!

One of the questions I often get is what is the best way to write a signature. This is a difficult question to answer especially when each person who can write is capable of signing in a unique manner. Therefore, when you are planning to change your signature, your focus should only be on eliminating unnecessary and harmful strokes that are impeding your growth rather than going for an overhaul.

However, a complete revamp of a signature is recommended in a few cases. But here is a rider: the change should not be effected without the intervention of a handwriting analyst because changing or introducing new features in a signature without adequate knowledge can be harmful.

Why you should change your signature

According to signature analysis, every time you draw your signature, you make a statement to yourself and to the rest of the world, saying, “See, this is who I am.” It means that the signature is a reflection of how one behaves in public and how one handles oneself. Hence, if you change your signature, it influences your behavioural patterns. (Read how changing handwriting or signature helps)

Handwriting and Personality

Here are the 10 signature styles you must avoid:

1. Extra strokes in signature

Many people tend to insert extra strokes in signatures, especially while writing ‘m’ or ‘n’. The pen goes on and on and ends up making a letter longer than its regular size. (See picture below)

Signature Analysis, Handwriting Analysis,

If it happens to someone once in a while, it’s not a big deal. Signature analysis says that if the pen makes this mistake more often than not, it ultimately tells something about the writer.

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In handwriting analysis, the extra strokes indicate that the writer often gets lost in unnecessary and unimportant activities that will offer no returns on the amount of energy and time spent by him. Such writers do not only squander time and energy, they also waste money. The sad part is that all this happens at the cost of some more important tasks at hand.

If you have something like this in your handwriting, please avoid it.

2. Strokes that slice through lower-zone letters

This is one of the most common problems in a signature, primarily because most people sign in haste. On the face of it, this signature looks very normal. But it is not. If any part of your signature is pierced by your own stroke, it says something about the writer. (See pic below)

Signature Analysis, Handwriting Analysis

According to signature analysis if an underline stroke cuts through the lower-zone letter, it means that writer is quite hard on himself and he does not pardon himself easily. If something goes wrong in the writer’s life, he blames himself a lot without first ascertaining whether he should be blamed for it or not.

What should you do if you have this type of signature? Get rid of the stroke that causes the strike-through.

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3. Drop in the last letter of signature

If the baseline of the letter in your signature suddenly drops, it indicates that the writer is weighed down by feelings of hopelessness.

It also indicates that the writer is grappling with some very serious emotional conflicts. This drop in the last letter (see picture below) also shows that the writer does not want to fight any more; he just wants to give up.

Signature Analysis, Drop in the last letter of signature

If the writer’s emotional conflict remains unresolved or unattended, it might snowball into depression and bring about suicidal tendencies. (Read more about suicidal tendencies in handwriting)

If you know someone who writes like this, be compassionate and help the person writer deal with the issues at hand. And if you have it, do two things: share your woes with someone close and see a handwriting analyst.

4. Scribble in the last part of signature

According to graphology, such writers are often bad finishers. What it means is that someone who writes his signature like this often fails to give the last push while working on a task.

Scribbled signature

In other words, such a writer will go on about doing a job with a great deal of enthusiasm and alacrity, but just when he is about to touch the finish line, his mind sends him a message to become complacent and directs him to take it easy. The result: he ends up spoiling all the work he did.

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The scribble at the end of the signature also indicates that the writer’s confidence starts diminishing, which forces to him go slow towards the end of a task at hand.

So, if you don’t want to be known as someone who gives up easily, finish your signature properly. Have patience.

5. Inflated lower zone letters in the signature

Inflated and balloons loops in letter y show that the writer craves a great deal of material pleasure, especially money. (See the picture below) But before you decide to inflate loops of your lower-zone letters, I must tell you that most of the cravings are often unfulfilled. Hence, you must ensure that the size of the lower loop remains normal.

Inflated lower zone, handwriting analysis

Now, you may ask me what is normal. That’s a little complicated and beyond the scope of this article, but you should keep in mind that the lower-zone loops of your handwriting should not stand out; they should appear as part of the entire handwriting. (Read more about inflated loops in lower zone letters)

If your signature has an inflated lower loop in your lower-zone letters, cut it down to the normal size. You must reduce the size because it will keep your extreme craving for money under control and your expectations will stay grounded and they will seldom lose touch with realities.

5 more types of signature strokes you must avoid

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