4 steps to create the perfect signature for your name

“What’s the perfect signature for my name?” “How do I create a stylish signature of my name online?” These are the questions people have in mind when they are planning to change their signatures in order to improve their personalities.

In this post, we will tell you how to create the perfect signature for your name, which not only looks attractive, but will also boosts your confidence level. So, if you are here to know what’s the best signature for your personality, read on.

To be honest, an easy method to create the perfect signature for your name is to first consult a handwriting analyst. Pay a small fee and get a new signature for you name. However, if you don’t know a graphologist, but still want to modify your signature, here are a few things you need to keep in mind while effecting the alterations.

The perfect signature

But before we discuss what’s the best signature for your personality, let’s talk a bit about signature analysis. Signature analysis deals mainly with how you feel about yourself when you are around friends, strangers and colleagues. Also, signature analysis studies what kind of a self-image you are projecting among people or how you want people to know or understand you when you are interacting with them.

1. Make your signature identifiable

You should start with this step. Make sure that your signature announces to others what your full name is. Clarity in signature indicates that you like to communicate clearly. Also, it shows you are a confident person who is in control of himself. You come across as a direct and straightforward person.

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2. Your signature size should be large

Yes, your signature should be large. But you may ask how large. That’s a difficult one to tell for an untrained pair of eyes. A handwriting analyst can tell you quickly whether signature is big or small. But till you meet a handwriting analyst, keep in mind that your signature should be slightly bigger than the overall size of your regular handwriting.

3. Avoid unnecessary strokes in signature

In your pursuit of the perfect signature, you should always resist the temptation to introduce unnecessary strokes/letters. They may look fancy to you, but they may not be good for you. According to handwriting analysis, unnecessary embellishments could be a sign of vulgarity. But that does not mean you cannot add some flair in your signature. In short, use your judgment.

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Some websites may advise you to encircle the signature with loops, or to enlarge the bottoms of your letters to “spruce up” your signature. Please ignore them; they have no clue what they are suggesting. According to graphology, you should always prefer elegance to embellishments.

4. Do not leave out letters

If you want to create the perfect signature for your name, keep in mind that you should not leave out any letters of your name. Some people think it is cool to scribble. Don’t. Illegibility in signature, as we have discussed in another post, shows the writer’s evasive and escapist nature. According to some handwriting analysts, leaving out letters in the signature also indicates that the writer should be trusted only after thorough investigation.

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See? Creating the perfect signature for your name is not all that difficult. All you need to do is follow the points listed above. However, remember that before making major changes in your signature, you should always consult a trained handwriting analyst. Or, you may write to us for help. We will help you create a signature for your name.

Tell us how easy it was for you to create the perfect signature for your name, and what modifications you made in your signature after reading this post. Have you been able to figure out what’s the best signature for your personality? Leave your feedback in the comment box below along with a picture of your signature. We will review it for you. Good luck!


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