13 Reasons Why reveals why you should keep an eye on the handwriting of loved ones

13 Reasons Why‘ is an American drama-mystery series revolving around a high school student, Hannah Baker, who commits suicide after going through multiple dejecting events brought upon by a few individuals in the school. Hannah leaves behind a box of seven cassette tapes she painstakingly recorded, in which she narrates those 13 reasons why she decided to take away her life.

There is no doubt that 13 Reasons Why is a gripping account of the adolescent grief. It specifically targets 13 people who Hannah thinks share a portion of the blame for what happened to her, and each episode explains the role each of them played in her life. But the series has generated controversy over its portrayal of suicide and self-harm.

When you go through the episodes, you know how everyone who came in contact with Hannah failed to see how troubled she was and how she was hurting so much. Most devastatingly of all, her pain goes unnoticed even when she becomes the target of a tragic event. (I don’t want to give spoilers, you see!)

To be honest, it’s a spellbinding series, and here is someone who has even written an article on 13 Reasons to Watch ‘13 Reasons Why’. Read it if you want to be convinced why you should watch 13 Reasons Why.

But the larger point of this article is to drive home the point that before anyone takes a step as drastic as suicide, he or she starts dropping several hints much in advance. They usually cannot be missed.

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At the same time, you cannot be quite sure of someone’s suicidal tendency or inclination to harm himself just by hearing them talk in a depressing way. You may be required to put together various indicators to figure out whether the person you care for needs your help or not. And one such indicator, my friend, is the handwriting.

Clay Jensen with Hannah Baker

According to Graphology, or handwriting analysis, the way you write gives out plenty of unmissable clues to your real state of mind. Even though you are unwilling to share your feelings with anyone, your handwriting on a plain sheet of paper will go against your commands and reveal to an expert eye all that you are going through at the time of writing it. If you know how to analyse handwriting well, you will discover just by looking at it whether the writer needs help or not.

Take a look at our articles on suicidal tendency in handwriting to know how to spot one’s ability to harm harm oneself.

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