Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Find out from your handwriting

An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight… the truly wise person is colour blind.

– Albert Schweitzer, French-German theologian

Have you ever noticed how you react to difficult situations? Do you get totally depressed and lose all hope or are you able to get up and get going again?

The natural reaction to a difficult or unpleasant situation is disappointment. But the question is how prolonged is your disappointment. Would you lament over it for days and give up on your dreams or can you pull yourself up, boost your morale and chase your dreams again?

Your attitude towards life and the challenges it throws at you can be seen in the baseline of your handwriting. Baseline is an imaginary line on which the bottoms of individual letters rest.

In Graphology, baseline carries a lot of significance as it shows the writer’s sense of reality. Graphology helps to identify if the person is optimistic, realistic or pessimistic.

The Optimist

Optimists will always find a silver lining even in the worst of the situations. They can handle difficult situations with confidence.

Handwriting of optimists have an ascending baseline. This means that their handwriting would ascend as they write from left to right. Have a look at the sample below to understand how to spot an optimistic person.

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The Pessimist

Pessimists always look at the negative side of things. Whenever they face trouble, they get very nervous and discouraged.

A pessimist writes with descending baselines. The baselines fall from left to right. Check the sample below to identify a Pessimist.

This sample above belongs to a person who had lost his job at the time of writing this piece. However, today he does not exhibit descending baselines. Depression might be a temporary state due to some tragic incident. Optimism and pessimism need not necessarily be permanent states. Situations change, people change and so does their handwriting.

The Practical

Practical people are balanced individuals who can manage their emotions well. They do not get overburdened by positive or negative feelings. They weigh the situation, the possibilities, the roadblocks and then plan accordingly. They are neither extremely hopeful nor do they lose hope completely. The baseline in their case is fairly straight parallel to top and bottom of the paper.

Check the sample below to identify a practical and balanced person.

Baselines thus represent the mental state of the writer, how he sees his future to be like and the way he plans to progress towards it. Did you check your baseline? Where is it heading to?

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