Why is doctors’ handwriting illegible?

Doctor, I can’t understand your prescription!!

One aspect of doctors that everyone would agree with, is that their prescriptions are never readable; well in most cases. So much so, that even the Courts agree.

Most doctors write illegibly and it’s extremely annoying. More so, because it makes us dependent on the pharmacist to actually decipher it for us!!

All of us have experienced it. Using handwriting analysis, let’s find out what illegibility in handwriting means.

Illegibility in Handwriting

Doctor handwriting

Handwriting experts across the world have established that consistently illegible handwriting is indicative of a subconscious inclination to be careless, negligent and sloppy towards the person for whom it has been written.

Therefore, if a doctor writes illegibly for his patients, it means he is inconsiderate to the recipients of the prescription.

Most doctors argue that they write illegibly because they are in haste and they have to attend to many patients. This could be definitely the case with some doctors; but not all.

According to an abstract published in Manipal Journal of Medical Sciences,

  • Writing illegibly is not a deliberate act to confuse people, but an unintentional consequence of giving due importance to other things now. We should acknowledge that they are no ordinary but the very people who show fine motor skills for complex surgical procedures.
  • The doctors tend to put all the energy and focus into the diagnosis and treatment rather than the written notes or prescription and patient and their relatives anxiously waiting to receive the prescription add on. However, doctor’s handwriting is no better, when they write general letters during leisure hours at home. Doctors handwriting illegible
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Interestingly, a friend of mine had a grandfather who was a doctor by profession. She shared that her Grandpa used to write illegible prescriptions but very clear and legible personal letters. It’s because legible handwriting shows that you care for the recipient of the text. Hence, every time he wrote to his family members, he wanted to show how caring he is.

Haven’t all of us experienced that we become very concerned about legibility while writing on greetings cards? Have you ever thought why? I’m sure you got your answer today. If you didn’t, here it is:

Legibility in handwriting, handwriting analysis says, is a subconscious way to show care.

So, next time you receive a get-well-soon card with messages in illegible handwriting, I’m sure you will know how to take it.