Do you yap your way into soup? Repair your ‘a’ and ‘o’

One fine evening about a year ago, a good friend of mine sent me an SOS, asking to meet her at a coffee shop near my office. When I reached there, I found her crying inconsolably. I offered her a tissue and asked her what the matter was. She sobbed out in detail what had transpired the previous night.

Let me recapitulate what she said: She had a fight with a close friend X because she revealed to another friend Y why X’s boyfriend had dumped her. The reason for the break-up was supposed to be a “secret”, but my dear friend, whose favourite pastime is babbling and prattling, could not keep it to herself and blurted out every thing to Y.

The result was disastrous. My friend was insulted and abused by an indignant X in front of many people.

This was not the first time my loquacious friend (yes, she was talkative) had embraced trouble because of her natural inclination to indiscriminately shoot a volley of words just about anywhere; it had happened several times before.

She would reveal secrets about herself and others, offer suggestions without request and pour in her views at places they did not matter. To her, sealing lips for a few minutes meant going without food and water for days.

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The problem was reflected in her handwriting by the wide openings at the top of ‘a’ and ‘o’ (pic A).

Symbolically speaking, people with such strokes in their handwriting have their mouth open all the time — ready to speak just anywhere, to anyone.

Those of you who have same strokes in your handwriting and yap your way into soup must close the opening (pic B). That way you may spare yourself some embarrassing moments.