Discussion Forum for Handwriting Analysts 1

Discussion forum for handwriting analysts

Do you want to know something about a handwriting sample? Post your handwriting sample on this ‘Discussion Forum for Handwriting Analysts’ and wait for handwriting experts to respond to your questions.

It will be better if you ask specific questions so that other handwriting analysts will able to help you with that. (Remember, this forum is only for handwriting analysts. If you want to change your signature, click here.)

You can use this discussion form to exchange your knowledge and consult each other in case of a doubt about a handwriting sample. Just upload the handwriting sample in the comment box below and let others reply to them.

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One important thing: Please maintain the privacy of the person whose handwriting sample you’re uploading on this forum. If you don’t have their permission to disclose their identities on a public discussion forum, please hide their names.

So, go on! Upload handwriting samples in the space below, and share each other’s knowledge.