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Write Choice is a platform dedicated to handwriting analysis

Write Choice International is a website dedicated only to handwriting analysis, also known as Graphology. You will not find anything here except scores of articles on what your handwriting reveals about your personality.

Who can use this website?

If as a child you used a pen and paper to learn how to form a letter, this website is for you. If you have ever handwritten a letter to someone, this website is for you. If you have ever taken notes using a pen in an office meeting, this website is for you. If you have ever put in your signature on a document, this website is for you.

In short, this website is for everyone who has ever used a pen and paper to write something. And since we know you use them once in a while, we welcome you on Write Choice.

Journey of Write Choice

2007—I was born.

But I was not born in a digital form. I was born on paper—a newspaper with a daily circulation of 700,000, and readership thrice the number.

Mumbai Mirror started a Sunday column that year in the month of October. It was called Write Choice, and it was written by our founder, Vishwas Ved. He was then known as Vishwas Heathcliff.

The column was a huge success and it then began appearing in Pune Mirror, Ahmedabad Mirror, Bangalore Mirror and Metro Now (New Delhi). Readers from several parts of the city used to send their handwriting samples for analysis.

You may read some of the past articles on Mumbai Mirror and other editions on this page.

2008—Beginning of our digital journey.

Write Choice began its digital journey in 2008 and took handwriting analysis to a wider audience in various parts of the world.

From a column restricted to a few Indian cities, it went on to become the only website of its kind on handwriting analysis, and started getting clients from different parts of the world.

So, we are in this business for a really, really long time. And the credit for that goes to the guest authors who have written several interesting articles for us. We’re thankful to them.

Our mission

People do not write much these days. Most of the writing work is done online. That’s not good. Imagine living in a time where there is no pen and there is no paper to write on. That won’t be a pretty experience. Believe us.

Writing by hand is a pretty liberating exercise, especially when you write in cursive. The act of writing itself with pen has many benefits. Among other things, it boosts our cognitive power and makes us smarter.

If you have been reading articles on Write Choice, you’d by now know about the benefits of writing by hand. If you haven’t, just explore a bit. Here is an article you could start with.

So, one of the aims of the website is to make people aware that they should not give up writing by hand, come what may. Through our articles, we constantly remind people—both directly and indirectly—to keep writing by hand once in a while. It’s important for us.

Our services

Learning hub

We don’t just tell you what you handwriting reveals about you, but also teach you how you can analyse a handwriting sample and understand someone well.

Talk to us

If there is anything you want to know about our services or learning handwriting analysis, reach out to us via Email or WhatsApp.