Suicidal tendency in handwriting: Don’t cross the line while writing

In Part I of this article on spotting suicidal tendency in handwriting, we discussed how to see whether the writer is suffering from depression. In this second part, we will see whether the writer hates himself and whether the self-hatred can drive him to self-effacement.

In graphology, the dislike for oneself and the sense of worthlessness, which powers the force behind suicide, is seen in a few strokes in handwriting. One of them is strike-through lines in signatures, which I saw in the suicide note (Picture A) of the girl who killed herself. These straight lines pierce through the signature, indicating the writers’ utter unhappiness with their situation. If combined with rock-bottom self-esteem and depression, the desire to terminate one’s existence intensifies.

If you have such strokes in your signature, I recommend you remove them as soon as possible. The presence of such strike-through lines in your signature (Picture B) does not mean you are gonna kill yourself tomorrow. But the stroke reflects a tendency to self-sabotage, and every time one pierces one’s name in the signature, the subconscious mind receives as many messages to stab and hurt oneself. Therefore, the propensity to wipe out one’s identity is reinforced.

Such strokes in handwriting also scale up chances to screw up things. Click here to see the suicide note of Britney Spears.

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Picture A

Picture A — Signature of a girl who committed suicide
Picture A — Suicide note of a girl


Picture B

Strike-through signture of a student
Picture B — Strike-through signature of a student. There a vertical stab through the first letter.


Another important thing to look for suicidal tendency handwriting is x-ing. Click on the handwriting sample below (Picture C) to see there are plenty of x-formations. Handwriting analysts world over agree that these x-formations are strong indicators of the inclination to wipe out one’s identity.

Picture C

Picture C — x-formations in handwriting

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