What is graphotherapy? Learn how to change your handwriting

Graphotherapy is a means of making conscious alterations in your handwriting in order to effect desired subconscious changes in your personality. This is a reversal of the normal writing process: now, your hand sends messages to your brain — the root of various ills such as lack of persistence and determination; absence of concentration, frustration and waywardness in material life, including sex; depression; low self-esteem and inability to get over past affairs and failures. And getting rid of all these is plain ’n’ simple: for a few days, just write in a particular way. But don’t be random. Learn properly how to change your handwriting.

What is graphotherapy: The 30-day magic

Graphotherapy is effective only when you show tireless commitment to bring about changes in yourself. Just pick up a pen and a few sheets of paper and practise the recommended exercises for about 15 minutes every day. A graphotherapy exercise is done for 30 days at a stretch, without fail. If it’s discontinued even on the 28th day, you will have to restart. The task is not arduous. You won’t be learning to write all over again. It’s easy, it’s convenient, it’s helpful. It’s something you can do without spending loads of money.

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But watch out!

How to change your handwriting | GraphotherapyHowever, you are NOT supposed to try out any handwriting exercise without consulting a graphologist because if you undertake a wrong exercise, it can backfire. For example, if the self-esteem of a criminal is raised, he will just become a better criminal. Now you know what I mean. You should be very careful what exercises you take up. You also need to keep in mind that not all letters are changed as part of graphotherapy.

So, if you want to learn how to change your handwriting using graphotherapy, you must consult a professional graphologist. See graphotherapy examples