Watch out! Your handwriting could betray if you are lying

If you want to know if someone is telling you the truth, don’t analyse their body language, eye movements and choice of words.  Apparently, the real sign of a liar is in how he or she writes.

Scientists claim to have discovered a series of tell-tale clues in the handwriting of fibbers. They found those who write lies press harder on the paper, have longer strokes of the pen and produce taller letters than those telling the truth.

The differences are too subtle to see with the naked eye, but can be detected using a computer and a touch-sensitive pad.

Reaction to liesThe study’s authors stressed that the research is in its earliest stage, but says the system could one day be used to test the veracity of loan applications or insurance claims.

Researchers at the University of Haifa, Israel, asked 34 volunteers to write two short paragraphs, one recalling a real memory, the other a fictitious event.

The volunteers used a wireless electronic pen with a pressure-sensitive tip to write their memories and lies on paper placed on a computer tablet, which monitored and analysed their writing style.

‘In the false writing condition, the average pressure, stroke length and height were significantly higher than in the true writing condition,’ the researchers reported in the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology.

A handwriting example

Psychologists suggested that lying changes handwriting because it forces the brain to work harder to invent facts, interfering with the normal writing process.

Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, said the technique was promising, but needed testing on a much bigger scale.

‘We know that people hesitate more when they lie and some companies already use this fact to see how long it takes people to tick boxes when filling in surveys online,’ he said.

He pointed out that traditional polygraph lie detectors were unreliable and ‘messy’.

By contrast a handwriting test would be less intrusive and could be used at a job interview for example.

Source: Daily Mail

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  • Kunal

    Nice Info

  • Gautamr

    Very intresting, till now I knew that the letter “o’ and “a” spots an liar along with the preasure on the paper. ( presure on the paper indicates the physical and emotional).

    Thanks for the information


    • No, Gautam. The two letters alone are not indicative of the tendency to lie. There are many other indicators, such as variation in pressure, size, and spacing.

  • Donald Baxter

    Nice and interesting.I would look out for these signs.But…depend upon the SCIENTISTS to push technology and HI FI machines and not SIMPLE SOLUTIONS which anyone can use!There are many many handwriting traits we can look for to catch the LIAR. for starters, look for variable and bigger LEFT MARGINS especially in the lines the lie occurs.I have had great success in easily catching the liars and even their specific lies WITHOUT ANY SOPHISTICATED INTRUMENTS…not even a magnifying glass!
    It is also important to find the CAUSE behind the lying.there are certain professions where lying, oops, NOT TELLING THE WHOLE TRUTH, is highly desirable and even required.C.A. AND POLICE AND DOCTORS do it all the time…(no offence meant to anyone in these profession…and occasionally WE ALL LIE…and than DEFINETLY these lying signs do not appear at all.BUT HABITUAL LIARS ARE A DIFFERENT BREED ALTOGETHER!)

  • thats really cool.  next time im interrogated i will not write lol

    interesting post 🙂