Handwriting slant reveals why some people show no emotion

Getting misunderstood is as common as receiving unsolicited marketing calls. All of us are misunderstood once in a while. But there are certain types of people who get misinterpreted more often than not — interestingly, because of their silence.

Handwriting analysis says people who often get misunderstood are usually the left-slant writers. They hold back their emotions and react too little or too late unless provoked or pushed to the corner. They are emotionally suppressed. And, by the time they decide to express themselves, the damage is already done.

Sad woman

Left slant in handwriting is not very common. Hence, it needs to be understood why some people’s handwriting tilts to the left, which shows that they are emotionally withdrawn.

Left slanted handwriting

Usually, the seeds of such personality traits, such as the tendency to remain emotionally distant, are sown in the childhood. Graphology says the left slant handwriting indicates that the child’s parents (or parent) were strict with him. The child developed a cold attitude because every time he expressed before his parents, they snapped at him. The child then became afraid of expressing in order to avoid the pain he experienced. This is the attitude he carries forward into the future.

Parental abuse

In other words, left-slant writers are generally insecure and lack spontaneity in their reactions to various situations. Such people in general grow up to become difficult to approach. People who write this way tend to be choosy in selecting friends and have limited friends. But they just love it when they find someone who “understands” them without them having to express in so many words.

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If you have a spouse who writes like this, he/she may love you, but may not say so or express in the “standard” ways. The antidote to this is being extremely patient and to encourage such writers to come out of the shell.

If you see this kind of writing, remember that you may be required to become more patient if you wish to be anywhere close to the writer.

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  • Kunika

    My boyfriend writes like this. I always complained that he does not talk much, he does not react properly. now I know why. he had told me once how badly his father beat him up when he was a kid. naturally he has become like that. thanks for this article. it made things clear for me about my boyfriend. i know now that he loves me. its just that he does not kow how to express…

  • devendra

    Thanks ………….

  • 2006 Mitrasoma

    hii,your posts are simply awesome…i’m keen to learn & know about
    graphology & graphotherapy…but now its not possible for me to go
    to somewhere to learn & know about it…so can you plz tell me the
    name of some books on graphology & graphotherapy so that i can gain
    some basic knowledge about it…really its of great help…:)thnks in

    • Hello Soma, you may read a book by Sheila Lowe: ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis.’

      • 2006 Mitrasoma

        thank u vishwas…its of great help…:)& please keep posing  nice articles…:)

  • Seema Singh

    Nice post! pls tell us about other slants of handwriting and other things about handwriting. I am really amazed to see that so much could be revealed just by looking at handwriting. enjoyed reading articles here. thanks again.

  • Franz Morrison

    That’s funny. I’m not a left-slanted write, I’m actually a right. However, I just realised something. Whenever I’m writing I actually turn my book about 45% counter clockwise. If I didn’t do that then my writing is completely left-slanted. Wow… Vishwas, I think your genius. I’m Ghost.

  • Franz Morrison

    That’s funny. I’m not a left-slanted write but this defines me perfectly. Then I realised that whenever I write, I always rotate my book at an angle of 45% counter clockwise. If I didn’t do that then I’m a complete left slanted writer. Vishwas, I think your a genius. I’m Ghost. 

  • G Foz

    I actually do write left-slanted, but there is nothing going on with my emotions. I express my emotions frequently! What made me write like this is because once in class, when my handwriting was not slanted it didn’t look very neat to me; thus I tried the front-slant and frankly it was neat; and then trying the left-slanted, it was neat. So my left-slanted handwriting (I sometimes do right-slanted though, it’s neater at certain times :D), is basically because I like neatness in my work – therefore the teacher would give me good marks; and praise for neatness in work! 🙂

    • It would be a good idea to see your handwriting. Why don’t you post it here? All types

  • That’s so true. My handwriting always tilted to the right, as I always was an extrovert and an emotional person. Then, my teacher told me off for having so an extreme slant and told me to write straight, making me independent. Now, I feel like my friends are completely rejecting me and I just cant express in words what I feel about how they’re treating me and how I was bullied, so my handwriting just tilts to the left and I can’t stop it!

  • wallace

    Great post. I am quite introverted and my writing leans heavily to the left. When I was in high school my teachers would put down comments like ‘avoid slanting to the left’ in the margins of my essays. I tried hard to do the right-hand slant but it felt so unnatural I could hardly write at all. Glad to see that it’s all explainable. Btw my writing is a bit angular, very tall and narrow with no loops at all, are these also signs of introversion? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Lilly

    What a load of nonsense. My writing is left leaning and I am the most open and spontaneous person you could meet. I am left handed and writing this way is more comfortable, it has nothing to do with suppressed emotions.

  • Sweta Singh

    Hi Vishwas.
    firstly this i realyy appriciate the knowledge provided to us via this blog..
    actually my friend have a left slant in her writing with big middle zone letters.but she is an extremly expressive person and extrovert person..so is the variation in size is reason of this ?
    or along with the slant are there any combination which highlights extroversion ?
    because the discription provided here is totally opposite of her personality

    • Sweta, that is why this-mean-that theory often leads us in the wrong direction. While learning handwriting analysis, we can choose to look at one aspect at a time. But while analysing, a handwriting sample must be seen in totality.

      Besides, slant measurement is one of the toughest things to learn in handwriting analysis. Most students of handwriting analysis get it wrong in the beginning while analysing slants. Analysts begin to get it right after a great deal of practice. Hence, something what appears “left-slanted” to an untrained person may not actually be so.

  • mike

    my handwriting slants to the left, and i will be the first to admit, i am quite the recluse. i am not a misanthrope, i have simply found out the hard way that most people really aren’t worth the effort to know. funny thing is when i was a child i was quite the extrovert, and my writing showed it. very right slanted. growing up and wiser, i found that “getting to know you” was just a stupid song, and its too much effort….and the payoff isn’t worth the effort put forth.

  • Noelle

    My handwriting has a tendency to slant leftward, but I am definitely not an introvert. I love to make new friends and talk to people. I also tend to be spontaneous. Not sure I fit this description.

    • Hello Noelle,

      It is difficult to say anything without looking at the handwriting sample.

  • LesSylphides

    Been reading these left-slanter things a bit tonight. It bears a resemblance to extroverts trying to describe introverts (always some insecure, shy, brooding sort). Perhaps if right-slanters would stop projecting their own vanity (which they confuse with emotion, yet don’t identify with their own enough to feel it unless someone else reflects back to them)* onto things, they’d understand left-slanters a little better rather than jump to conclusions of “insecure” or “afraid” or “difficult” (because your own emotions don’t bounce back to you in a direct way? Is there not some vanity in expecting that, and insecurity in needing that?). *meant tongue-in-cheek. No ill will to right-slanters. Much love, yo.

  • Bill M.

    I have a friend who writes with a backward slant and also uses separate letters. I wonder if the two are related? Bill

    • They may be, Bill. But it could be said with certainty after seeing the handwriting sample.

  • Thanks for sharing this with us, Mike.

  • You will find them all on this website, Seema.

  • rohan

    sir i want to how i should have a signature ? that can help in better future and career should write only my name or surname to ….pls help

  • GuateNY

    My signature slants to the left and this analysis is me exactly. Spot on. Wow.

  • Tara

    To. A. Tee.

  • Ria

    fascinating information .. i just noticed my daughter writes this way (extreme left slant) and asked her about it which she had very few words..she in fact, rarely expresses her emotions which drives me crazy, Im very outspoken and express almost every emotion via conversation, writing, poetry or song! ha ha A very interesting dynamic ..thanks for this post!

    • Thanks for your feedback! Hope the website has been able to generate enough curiosity in you… Keep reading…

  • Harriet

    I write both ways but signature always to the left. Why? In junior high I sat next to my best friend, a lefty, and I purposely adopted the left slant because it looked cool. At age 60 I won’t be changing. I am an introvert, I had wonderful parents, no life of trauma, never in rebellion. Left slant is also more comfortable for my hand as I write.

  • Me

    I write also to the left, but it`s because I think that it`s not a rule to have a right slant and if everybody is writing in this way it doesn`t mean that is the only way you can write.

  • breac

    Well, I naturally wrote with left slant.Later changed for readability for teachers. I did have a traumatic childhood. I had issues with insecurity. I consider my self as an ambivert and work in management. What you have to take away from this behaviors are not absolute. For a concern expressed below: If your child is left slanted in writing, engage her creatively and don’t put them in a category, work with them for change and happiness.

  • Truth Seeker

    I have a left slant to my handwriting, but that’s because I’m left handed and it’s natural to do so. This article does not apply to left-handed people. In fact, it’s the opposite for lefties. A right slanted style of writing is introverted for lefties, because they want to “fit in” to societal norms.

    Stop hating on left-handed people! 🙂