Is your business partner a fraud? Take a look at his handwriting

Everybody says, “I don’t like to be cheated. I hate being deceived.” But the fact is that nobody has ever escaped it. We all get cheated once in a while, don’t we? Very much like Aniket, a Mumbai-based professional I met in May 2008. His story in brief:

Two years ago, his mother rented out her shop and flat to a businessman. After a few months, the tenant refused to pay the rent and started cooking up stories about his poor financial condition. The old lady believed him and let him continue for some time.

The situation persisted for a few more months. Then she decided to confront him, after which he paid a part of the dues. Later, he again stopped paying the rent.

In March 2008, she thought of handling this crook firmly and asked him to vacate the place. He refused and started bragging about his “influential connections”. But when she mounted the pressure, he presented before her a bill of Rs 2 lakh, which he had “spent on the face-lifting of the shop”. He got the amount and moved out, threatening them with consequences.

Aniket had brought the handwriting of the tenant. “I want to know what his handwriting says about him. I want to know how seriously I  should take his threat. ”

I looked at the handwriting and smiled. As I said in the beginning what your handwriting says about you can indeed be quite interesting. It was clear from his handwriting that the tenant was dishonest. There are many strokes that reflect a person’s capability to be fraudulent. He had most of them.

First, he had a tendency to keep ulterior motives while talking, which was shown by the circle at the beginning of the letter C (See pic below).

I also saw a similar circle inside lower case A, which showed that the person had a forked tongue. It means he says things he does not mean. (See pic below)

Also, he frequently messed up his numbers, which shows he did not want people to see his real motives in financial dealings.  (See the picture below)

Looking at other aspects of his handwriting, I suggested Aniket to be careful of the tenant because he was a little out of way, shown by the abrupt insertion of capital letters in the middle of a word. (See picture below)

Aniket also told me that he and and his family were scared of getting tough with the man because they feared that he might hit back. From the handwriting it was obvious that the man did not have courage. Hence, my suggestion to him was to be very, very firm with the guy. That’s the only way they could get rid of him.

Aniket and I met a few weeks later. He looked relieved. He told me that the police were involved in the matter and troublesome tenant was now out of their lives.

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