What makes Aamir Khan such a great actor and perfectionist?

In Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan’s work was superb. Almost everyone I spoke to was raving about the maverick actor who once again proved why he most definitely deserves to be called Mr Perfectionist. They said Aamir’s work in Satyamev Jayate was praiseworthy, amazing.┬áSo, what makes Aamir Khan the way he is? What is it about his personality that makes him so hardworking? From where does he bring his tremendous drive for perfection?

To know the answers to all these queries you need to understand his personality in a better way. We analysed his handwriting to know him well. You will be surprised to know that one of the reasons Aamir Khan is such a great actor is his sensitivity. Yes, he is a very sensitive person who does not like to be criticised for his work. Because of his excessive need to avoid criticism, he wants to create something that is flawless.

I know you are curious to know more about the actor. Here is an analysis of Aamir Khan’s handwriting that will tell you much more about his personality. The analysis was done just after the release of his blockbuster, Ghajini.