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Your handwriting is capable of revealing a great deal about your personality. An accomplished handwriting analyst can discover about 70 personality traits in one page of a handwritten sample. This article will give you free tips on signature analysis.

Difference between handwriting and signature: While the body of your handwriting shows your overall personality, your signature reveals how you want to appear to the world, and how you want to be perceived by others. That is why very often there is a remarkable difference between some people’s overall handwriting and their ¬†signature. It’s because they want to show to the world a picture of their personalities drastically different from the real ones.

Now, let me give you some tips on signature analysis free of cost. But before you start making use of these free tips, I suggest that you should avoid analysing a signature in isolation; ask for the handwriting as well.

Signature and handwriting look alike

Signature analysis free online

If the signature looks the same as the rest of the handwriting, the writer will behave the same way in public as in private. Such writers do not put up a mask to show something they are not. I call them WYSIWYG personalities. What You See is What You Get.

Signature larger than handwriting

Often, you will find that the signature of a writer is slightly larger than his overall handwriting. It suggests that the writer has a good self esteem and confidence, especially when he is in public. However, if the signature is much larger than the handwriting, it shows the writer’s compulsive need to be noticed and heard. People who have comparatively large signatures have a low self-esteem and they compensate for their insecurities by increasing the size of their signatures. (Read more about big handwriting)

Signature smaller than handwriting

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    Hi Vishwas, Thanks for the information provided… i got a doubt… what if the person puts two dots beneath the underline…?? waiting for your valuable feedback.. Thanks.

    • The two dots in an organised signature indicates the writer’s faith in himself and what he/she stands for.

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