What Jiah Khan’s handwriting says about her suicide & her relationship

In 2007, when Jiah Khan made her debut in Hindi cinema with superstar Amitabh Bachchan as a co-star in Nishabd, it appeared that the actress was going to take a great leap. Sadly, that did not happen. On the contrary, Jiah Khan’s career took a giant dip. Except for a couple of big movies, she got no work. In fact, she had been jobless for the past three years. And on June 3, the 25-year-old committed suicide.

Jiah Khan
Later, it turned out that her personal life too was in a mess. The family of Jiah Khan shared a six-page letter written by the actress, blaming Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi, for ill-treating her in their relationship. In her note, she has written about her troubled relationship with Sooraj and how he did not care for her feelings.

I examined her handwriting sample to see what went wrong with Jiah Khan.

The first thing that strikes me in her handwriting is her very low t-bars; it is consistently low throughout the sample. I have written in my previous articles that a low t-bar in handwriting is a self-sabotaging stroke. In her case, the t-bar is almost touching the baseline.

What the low t-bar means in Jiah Khan’s case

Jiah Khan's handwriting sample
Jiah Khan’s handwriting Page I

Very few people will disagree that the actress had a great physical appearance and she could be unambiguously described as a pretty, sexy girl. But her handwriting says she did not think about herself that way. In fact, in private she did not think she was attractive at all.

For many, the graphological finding about her poor self-image might come as a surprise. But her handwriting does indicate that she was bogged down by self-doubt, and deep down she did not believe she deserved to be loved or respected. (Also read: How to deal with low self-esteem)

Jiah Khan's handwriting sample
Jiah Khan’s handwriting Page II

The low t-bar also says that the actress, who was probably deified in the dreams of several young men because of her beauty and raw sensuality, managed to find plenty of faults with the way she looked. She looked for imperfections in everything she did. She had lost confidence in herself and had started believing that she was good for nothing.

Someone who writes with low t-bars hardly find any good qualities in herself. Normally, such a person has no problem being treated as a doormat. When she is abused in her personal life, she won’t retaliate; instead, she licks the feet of the perpetrator. It may appear insane and irrational, but there are people like that. Now, why would someone do that?

Jiah Khan's handwriting sample
Jiah Khan’s handwriting Page III

American graphologist Bart Baggett says, “Someone with low self-respect idolizes you for having so many things that she doesn’t possess. In the process of valuing you, she will often go out of her way to do things to make you like her. She is sweet because she wants you to approve of her. When her internal references state that she is not approved of, she looks elsewhere to find approval.”

This is exactly what Jiah was doing. She need Sooraj to make her feel valuable. And she gave everything to one of the infamous Pancholis.

Left ending y in Jiah Khan’s handwriting

Jiah Khan's handwriting sample
Jiah Khan’s handwriting Page IV

One more thing I notice in her handwriting, which could have forced her to take the extreme step. Take a look the tail of letter y. In most cases, it ends towards the left. It does not come up to form a healthy loop in the lower zone of the handwriting.

The y whose lower zone ends towards the left indicates that Jiah Khan found her future bleak. She was sure that there won’t be much improvement in her professional or personal life.

The sensitive Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan's handwriting sample
Jiah Khan’s handwriting Page V

Jiah Khan’s handwriting also reveals that she was very sensitive, shown by loops in her d and t stems. Their co-existence with low t-bars made matters worse for her because this combination of two strokes makes a writer take every experience to heart and play out negative remarks in the mind over and over.

The personal pronoun I

Jiah Khan has used a straight stroke to write I. This is called stick PPI. People who use this kind of I are individualistic. They are stoic and they rarely share everything with others. This shows that Jia had been hiding from the family the truths about her relationship with Sooraj Pancholi.

Does her handwriting indicate her suicidal tendency?

Yes. In many cases, graphologists have discovered that a low self-esteem contributes immensely to a person’s decision to commit suicide. In Jiah’s case, low t-bars are found at many places. This shows that she could not muster the courage to get out of the messy relationship because she thought she won’t get anyone as “good” as Sooraj.

As you go towards the end of her six-page letter, you will notice that her handwriting is more unstable. The slant of her handwriting varies. This shows that she is losing control over her emotions and herself. This nature of her handwriting is particularly obvious in the last page of her note (below).

Jiah Khan's handwriting sample
Jiah Khan’s handwriting Page VI

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