Find out the secrets hidden in your signature

Be very careful when you pen your signature on a document – to the trained eye you innocently are giving away a lot more about yourself than most people are aware of – in what may seem a totally innocuous act as part of an everyday routine.

To an expert handwriting analyst, your signature often contains a one-line autobiography, so intimate and truthful that it could make many people blush. In just one stroke of your pen, you can accurately convey:

Signature Analysis

  1. Your perspective of the world
  2. How you would want to be seen by others
  3. Your social attitudes and norms
  4. How someone would relate to you as either a friend, lover, employer or employee

The reason your signature comes to the top of the stakes, and plays a key role in determining who you are, is simply because names on their own inherently have an importance which naturally shoots them into a prime spot.

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Why should this be so? – Ask just about anybody “Who are you” and chances are that they will respond immediately with either a first name or both their surname and first name, without giving it a second thought. The implications of this natural response are profound, because it demonstrates that your names are not just a label – your names are you!

If that does not convince you, about the power of personal names, then just consider the dehumanizing effect of being labelled with a number in the way prisoners are incarcerated. If you were called out as “Number J101034” – how low would you feel?

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The Meaning of the Size of a Signature

The size range of signatures is enormous, with variations from:

• Small, cramped, and stuck in one corner of a page

• Bold, Scrawled and sprawling across a page

Then of course, everything in between…..the variety is endless.

Analysis of the Larger than Average Signature

The size of the signature tells us a lot about how people see themselves in the self-importance stakes and their standing in the scheme of things. In the final analysis, it all boils down to just one thing: your level of self-esteem.

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In fact, a study of people who have risen to become celebrities in their particular field has shown that the average height of their signature increases with time, and is more often 50% greater than non-celebrities.

Analysis of the Smaller than Average Signature

This person is often not likely to have a high opinion of themselves – and Adolf Hitler’s Minute signature is a vivid reminder of his falling into his final act of suicide.

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In normal life though, a person with a small signature would tend to avoid the limelight, doubting their abilities and generally lacking in confidence – unlikely to actively seek acclaim and attention.

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Analysis of the Print or Scrawl type Signature

Some people almost “block-print” out their signature with stark clarity, and then on the other end of the scale people produce an illegible scrawl….and indeed this may be the case, whilst their handwriting in a preceding note is absolutely clear and easy to read. Ironically, this very illegibility can often convey a sense of that person’s feeling of superiority – after all, they may feel, people are EXPECTED to know this person!

The Meaning of underlining a signature

The person who underlines their signature is usually trying convey their expression of self-confidence, with the feeling of an above average ability to cope with life’s daily challenges, coupled with a feeling that they are able to take some chances to get ahead in life, and when they make human mistakes, they are willing to take the blame for any oversights.
OVER-embellishments under the signature though, are often a contra-indication of the writer’s level of confidence.

Emphasis on the MIDDLE INITIAL or NAME

When the middle initial or name is included in the signature, a sense of personal pride is demonstrated. It’s a rather formal way of presenting oneself.

Signature size in relation to other writing


When you come across a signature that’s the same size as the body of the handwriting, then that person is exactly what they claim to be… genuine…the real thing.

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If the signature is much smaller than the rest of the handwriting, the writer is humble, modest, and doesn’t want to call attention to themselves. However, beware, because could be used as a ploy to mislead people and allow the writer to promote their own agenda.

If the signature is enclosed in a circle

The writer is effectively shielding themselves from the world. This person is building a wall of secrecy and protection, but will quickly withdraw into a shell when they feel threatened or vulnerable.

When the signature ends with a full stop

The writer is effectively “closing” with a final statement on the subject… no more discussion… matter closed. It often shows that the person exercises caution and perhaps a lack of trust.

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There is abundant evidence that your signature is a clear display of our personality… and because it is in public view, it follows that it is on it’s best behaviour… and exhibits all that we WANT to be. But the professional analyst will be somewhat wary of making any final judgments based on a signature in isolation – for that very signature may be just a “public” image, and would have to examine the rest of their handwriting to get the full picture.

Article source: News24