Are you an alert person? Your signature will tell

We all would want to live in a world where there is nothing to consider, nothing to worry about, and nothing to be afraid of. That way, life will be a lot easier. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. We have to be careful and we have to be measured in our approach, especially towards unfamiliar people and situations. In other words, we need to be alert and cautious.

We know that if we are not alert, there are chances people will take advantage of us and presume upon our carelessness. After all, there are many a crook out there waiting for some unsuspecting people to fall into their traps. Therefore, many people, probably after learning it the hard way, choose to be careful.

However, the idea is not to be compulsively suspicious of people or situations under all circumstances; the reference here is just about being careful so that others do not take advantage of you. And we all know it does not hurt at all to be careful and alert.

According to signature analysis, alert people, while writing their signatures, lift their pen after first or second letter. This lifting of pen suggests that the writer is an alert person with healthy intuitions. He will have a good understanding and judgment of people and situations.

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If you are are attempting to analyse someone’s signature and you find a break after the first letter, you must take a look at the overall handwriting of the writer. The conclusion given above will be applicable only if the overall handwriting of the writer is cursive and there is a consistent connection between the letters. If the writer prints instead of writing cursive, in that case, the conclusions will be different.

In careers where alertness is required as a mandatory must-have, analyzing candidates’ handwriting can give better insights into whether they possess this quality or not.

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