She loves me, she loves me not? Ask her handwriting

Handwriting analysis is no doubt a serious business, but sometimes it’s really fun. It’s the easiest tool to know the secrets of people around you. Now, you will say: “Yeah, yeah… you have told us this before. What’s new?” Yes, your honour, you are right. We have indeed said this earlier. Therefore, let’s tell you something new: what if I told you that just looking at a person’s handwriting can reveal whether he/she likes you or not?

Surprised? Hold your horses, stud muffin! It’s possible.

Let’s start by accepting that all of us have received mixed signals from certain persons of interest. And these signals keep you up at night even as you overdose yourself with questions like: does she really like me? Is she really into me? The questions are baffling, and you are clueless as to whether she is being honest or not. Chances are you will never know the real feelings behind those sweet words or frequent smiles.

But not anymore. I’ll tell you how. Remember that pretty girl you liked gave you a birthday card with a personalised handwritten note? Go fish it out! Believe me it will be rewarding to rummage through those drawers. Found it? Great. It’s time to play, Sherlock!

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So, she wrote on the note/card: Dear [your name], a message and her own name at the end. That one note could reveal a lot. But here we will look at only three scenarios.

Scenario 1: Your name is smaller than the writer’s

Did she write her own name extra large and your name is kind of an itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny thing? Well, I’ve got some bad news for you. She thinks she is hot stuff and you’re nothing more than soggy French fries for her. She wrote your name small because subconsciously, she does not want to give you much importance. Also, if your name is written with light pressure, the girl clearly does not want to invest any energy in you. All I would say: it’s time to move on, mate!

Scenario 2: Your name is bigger than the writer’s

If that cute girl from the gym has written your name large and bold and her own name smaller, it means that she sees you as a grand slam winner and herself as a wilting flower. Smiling, eh? In this case, she subconsciously feels you are more important and valuable than she is and she looks up to you.

Scenario 3: Both the names are more or less equal

If both the names are more or less equal in size, or the sender’s name is just a tad bit larger than yours, it indicates that the writer thinks of you as an equal and likes you at the same time. The good news is that there is some scope for a healthy relationship.

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And you thought it was just a greetings card and a name was just a name!

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