Which personality traits companies look for in applicants’ handwriting?

April 10, 2012

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Many companies these days use the services of handwriting analysts to know about the personality of candidates. Screening applicants with handwriting analysis is a fruitful exercise that benefits employers as well as job seekers. Do you wonder what are the things that a graphologist looks for in a handwriting sample? Let me help you.

An employer’s first priority of course is to check an applicant’s experience, which is clearly mentioned on his CV. But beyond that what makes an applicant a better candidate than his co-applicants who have the same qualifications? An employer that uses graphology as a screening tool chooses candidates who are not only suitable for the job, but also for the company culture and, more importantly, the team.

So, here is what traits most employers want in their employees and how the traits are identified from handwriting:

1. Can the applicant communicate effectively?

According to handwriting analysis, an individual’s ability to communicate well is shown in some middle-zone letters such as a & o. Broadly speaking, the clearer the letters, the better the communication. (Communication letter in handwriting)

2. Can the applicant be given responsibility?

A person’s willingness to accept responsibility is identified in huge initial loop in S, M & N.

3. Is the applicant honest and loyal?

Honesty is shown by clean and untouched oval letters, such as a, o and d. Presence of loops in ovals indicates the writer’s tendency to manipulate facts. (Refer to point 1 for more)

Loyalty is seen in the placement of i-dots and their shapes.

4. Is the applicant enthusiastic?

In handwriting, enthusiasm of the writer surfaces in long, sweeping t-bars. If this stroke is found along with an ascending baseline, the writer’s enthusiasm is inexhaustible.

5. Does the applicant have good energy and determination?

The energy of a writer is seen in the pressure with which he writes. Most people assume that the higher the writing pressure, the greater the energy. That’s not true. (Know more about handwriting pressure)

In handwriting analysis, a writer’s determination is shown by firm downstrokes on lower-zone letters such as g, j and y.

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  • Mythili R Iyer

    This is such useful information!  Thank you for compiling it this way.  Sharing on facebook!

    • http://www.writechoice.co.in/writechoice Vishwas Heathhcliff

      Thanks, Mythili. You are an accomplished handwriting analyst yourself. Would you care to reply to some of the readers’ queries on Ask Vishwas page?

      • Mythili R Iyer

        Hi Vishwas,

        Sure would love to.  I think somewhere along the line, the notifications stopped.  Will try to activate again or get back to you if I need ur help about that.

  • Sourav Lekh

    I am a student of handwriting analysis and it is useful to know that companies in india are using graphology to pick good candidates. i like the way you have explained that these are the things a handwriting analysist sees in a candidate’s handwriting

  • monica

    sir you have given us best information .and the best part of it is…u have mentioned many examples with it…thank u so much for ur help

  • monica

    one small request…could you please us some information about individual letters( capital n small)…with their meanings and samples

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