This is what people, whose got their handwriting analysed at Write Choice, have to say about their experiences. If you have also experienced the benefits of handwriting analysis, do let us know about them.

  • Garima Singh

    I have a strange question to ask, my handwriting is drastically different on different days. It’s almost like I can choose which way I want to write, but I would say I have about 3-4 styles of writing. I don’t really know which one is my handwriting style. They are all clean, neat and legible for sure. But I don’t really know what this means. Is it normal? Also, I’m 23 years old, so I’m not exactly a school kid who is still finding her “style”.

  • Harinath

    Got my Handwriting and Signature analysed by Mr.Vishwas about 4 days ago. After reading the complete report, I was quite stunned by the exact revelation about myself (Character) including my Strength / Weakness / Improvements areas mentioned in the report, he (“Hit the Nail on the Head”) by describing everything about me.

    I read the complete report couple of times, again and again and understood the depth of his knowledge on the subject and I think he also would have great “Intuition Skills”. I am really happy to share my feedback on this forum.

    From my personal experience – I would urge all visitors/customers who visit this site for information – Rest assured they shall receive Best Guidance and advise from Handwriting and Signature analysis.

    Thank You – Mr. Vishwas for your time and support for assisting me.

    Kind Regards,

    • http://www.writechoice.co.in/ Write Choice

      Thank you, Mr Harinath. We appreciate your words and hope you will benefit a great deal from the advice. Please continue with the graphotherapy exercises given to you.

  • Rajkumar Agrawal

    Amazing is the only word i remember as i analysed my signature from Mr. Vishwas. I was quite stunned while reading his report and how exactly he described my nature. I was surprised that how a complete stranger can read our character and nature with the help of our handwriting and signature.

    Thanks Mr. Vishwas for showing me the way to improve.

  • sushil kumar

    First of all ,Thanks you for analyzing my handwriting. Your analysis is absolutely correct about me . I am surprised that handwriting could reveal so much about the person but also it can be also use for personal growth / improvement under Expert guidance .

    Thanks You again Mr. Vishwash for your guidance and support .

  • Danielle

    This handwriting analysis is an interesting mirror. It seems based upon criteria we might not ordinarily assess ourselves by, and it does not cater to our illusions. I have not had my handwriting analyzed before, but I think Vishwas is exceptionally gifted psychologically in creating a portrait. In the 6+ pages, often uncannily accurate descriptions of personality traits, habits and even pet peeves were tactfully covered. He zeroed in (with spot-on accuracy) my present frustration/hurdle, then gracefully tied things together with the goal of improvement. Even without the included supervised exercises, the report was valuable for self-analysis, but I’m looking forward to working through the exercises!

    • http://www.writechoice.co.in/ Write Choice

      Thanks, Danielle! We appreciate your feedback and we’re glad to know that your experience with Write Choice has been satisfactory. We will stay in touch through emails. Thanks for your patronage.

  • dpk

    Absolutely amazed and stunned by you accuracy!!! I had a smile through out while reading. I hope to improve things with your suggestions.

    • http://www.writechoice.co.in/ Write Choice

      That’s great to hear, DPK! All the very best!

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