How to write a handwriting sample for analysis

Graphology is a science in which the personality and mindset of the writer is analyzed by the graphologist based on the strokes in the handwriting. For the output to be good, you will agree with me that the input has to be good. For the analysis to be accurate, the quality of the sample is therefore a significant contributor.

• The sample should ideally be prepared on an A4 size paper white unruled paper. Using a ball pen, write one and a half pages, and put  your signature at the end. Do not write on the back side of the paper. Also, please keep in mind that we will analyse only scanned handwriting sample. Photographed handwriting samples will not be analysed.

• The sample should contain both writing as well as signature at the end of it.

• It would be best if the writer pens his own thoughts on the paper, i.e. the text should not be copied from somewhere.

• That said, the content is not exactly what would interest the graphologist, so don’t worry if your spellings are a bit off or you are not too sure about the grammar. It is okay to just “speak your mind out” on the paper.

• For proper analysis, be as spontaneous and true to yourself as you can be.

Scan your handwriting in hi-res jpg/pdf format and send it  to