This is what people, whose got their handwriting analysed at Write Choice, have to say about their experiences. If you have also experienced the benefits of handwriting analysis, do let us know about them.

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  • Dear Rushabh, thanks for these words. Hope you are doing your exercises well.

    Regards(Rushabh is a Write Choice client from Bangkok)

  • Rushabh Sanghavi

    Before I started the graphology and graphotherapy exercises, I had absolutely no clue as to what changes it was going to bring in my life i.e. both at the career and at the personal front. I had not so healthy relations with my wife since I always think that she does not understand me at all. She is a kind of person who used to make me laugh a lot but when it came to discussing about future plans and how to streamline our personal finances she never actually was interested to have any kind of healthy discussions. We would eventually end up having heated arguments instead of a healthy discussion. This was having a negative impact on my mind at work where I would stay disturbed the entire working day and not be able to concentrate and put in my 100% at work.  

    But after the graphology and graphotherapy exercises one positive and big change which has happened is that my relationship now with my wife has become better. I have become more accommodative and more tolerant as compared to before. I have started accepting 

    the fact that women who are not from financial background do not enjoy talking and discussing about finance and numbers. So is true with my wife also who has very unique talents in some other areas. I have started taking responsibility alone over streamlining our finances rather than waiting each day to have discussions with my wife and ending up into having bitter and heated arguments eventually. We do not have any kind of heated arguments anymore. We understand each other much better now. 

    After the exercises I feel more confident and good about myself now. My financial troubles have still not ended and in fact have not reduced at all. But that’s alright. I am not the only one to have such troubles in the entire world. And going through such troubles and sailing out of the same smoothly and successfully is part and parcel of life. Instead I have started taking life more positively and have started enjoying every moment of life rather than regretting and feeling on the contrary. 

    I have not yet applied the New Signature Change since it requires me to change my old signature to the new one in my Passport first. It is currently in the process and will be completed soon. After that Signature Change I would be in a better position to observe the different positive changes which it will bring in my life be it either relationship, personal finances, career, job, health, success and fame. I never knew that such simple handwriting exercises could bring such good and positive changes in my life. 

    I would suggest and recommend everyone, whose lives are not moving ahead in the direction which they want and are desperately seeking some positive changes in their lives, to take up these simple yet effective handwriting exercises with WRITE CHOICE under the expert guidance of Mr. Vishwas. It’s worth trying and putting some efforts rather than just sitting idle and simply watching your life not changing or moving ahead in the direction which you want it to.

    • I appreciate your words, Rushabh. I hope your opinion makes people want to use the benefits of handwriting analysis for their personal growth.

  • Pratikmanish

    Dear Vishwas your analysis of my handwritting is like holding a mirror in front of my personality but i also came to know about certain aspect about me which were there but i always overlooked them without even thinking that they need to be changed.

    Thank you very much for enlighting me.

  • Mangala Mukherjee

    Many years ago, a graphologist had analysed my husband’s handwriting. Some points he mentioned were so true that I was astounded. If handwriting could tell so much about character, it was only logical that a change in handwriting strokes could lead to change in character. From then, I’ve been a staunch believer of graphology.
    My interest grew as I started reading Vishwas’ articles Mumbai Mirror. When I decided that I should make use of graphology for my own benefit, it was not difficult to get in touch with Vishwas and fix up a meeting with him.
    We had a lengthy discussion over coffee as he analysed my handwriting on Christmas (2011).  He actually introduced me to myself. I couldn’t believe it.  Out of many things that he pointed out, (most of which I agreed with) he said what comes across strikingly from my handwriting is that I underestimate myself terribly. He gave me some handwriting corrective exercises to do without fail for 30 days.  
    I’ve been doing the exercises sincerely. Today is the 20th day and I can give one example with which even I’m surprised. I got my driving license in March 2006 but somehow never got around to driving to work.  I always wanted to, but found some excuse or the other. Believe me, for the past 7 days, I’ve been driving to work and that too through heavy traffic. I wish to attribute this change to grapho-therapy.
     I’m looking forward to further lessons on life from Vishwas after I finish 30 days of exercise. As per his advice, I’m even planning to modify my signature. I wish to see positive changes in many aspects. I’m happy that I’m able to see some result so soon (as I’m not very patient with everything) ……………….. Thank you Vishwas.

    • Good to hear that, Mangala! You are the 5th person to tell me you had the same experience. All the very best!

  • Pragnesh Panchal

    When I read my handwriting analysis made by Mr. Vishwas, I was surprised and amazed. They had 100% perfectly described my nature, attitude, behaviour, positives and negatives in the analysis. I have been suggested for signature change. 

    At present I am doing the graphology and graphotherapy exercises, which will surely help me to take my life journey towards more positive and prosperous era. Yet I have not applied new signatures and I will sure put another feed back, once I will have my new signature in use. Thanks to Mr. Vishwas

    • Thanks for your response, Pragnesh. Do let us know how it goes. If there is any clarification you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • arunima gautam

    i can proudly say that i share the exact sentiments as the other reader’s over here. i still remember, i came to know about write choice ans vishwas thru buisness standard while lazying away one day in college during dec 2009 and i was so inrigued an fascinated that i got in touch with him and wanted to get my handwriting analyzed. for whatever reason, i coudn’t that time and when i finally decided that i wanted to; i was simply amazed by the precision by which he has analyzed my traits. however, i would want to know if you could please inculde a bit of how you study our strokes, maybe in concise way. overall, i found it purely fascinating and trust me i’m going to recommned it to a lot of my friends!! thanks vishwas!!! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments. I am glad to hear that I got it right. 

      I do not include how I study the strokes because I don’t want the reader to get distracted. Besides, a combination of strokes is taken into account while arriving at a conclusion about the handwriting. It is not possible to include all of them in the report.

  • Aditi Khurana

    I was so not sure whether I should get my handwriting analysed. I never thought it would work for me. But the way Vishwas analysed my handwriting and left me surprised is something I had never expected. Each and every word that Vishwas said about my personality and my problems was so so so true.

    I have been doing the handwriting analysis exercises by him and I am about to complete that. I am feeling great change in me and I just hope everyone gets to experience this fabulous science of handwriting analysis. This is simply great. Thanks Vishwas for helping me out.

    • We appreciate your comments. Thank you for your kind words and making it known how beneficial handwriting analysis has been to you.

  • Garima Singh

    I have a strange question to ask, my handwriting is drastically different on different days. It’s almost like I can choose which way I want to write, but I would say I have about 3-4 styles of writing. I don’t really know which one is my handwriting style. They are all clean, neat and legible for sure. But I don’t really know what this means. Is it normal? Also, I’m 23 years old, so I’m not exactly a school kid who is still finding her “style”.

  • Harinath

    Got my Handwriting and Signature analysed by Mr.Vishwas about 4 days ago. After reading the complete report, I was quite stunned by the exact revelation about myself (Character) including my Strength / Weakness / Improvements areas mentioned in the report, he (“Hit the Nail on the Head”) by describing everything about me.

    I read the complete report couple of times, again and again and understood the depth of his knowledge on the subject and I think he also would have great “Intuition Skills”. I am really happy to share my feedback on this forum.

    From my personal experience – I would urge all visitors/customers who visit this site for information – Rest assured they shall receive Best Guidance and advise from Handwriting and Signature analysis.

    Thank You – Mr. Vishwas for your time and support for assisting me.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thank you, Mr Harinath. We appreciate your words and hope you will benefit a great deal from the advice. Please continue with the graphotherapy exercises given to you.

  • Rajkumar Agrawal

    Amazing is the only word i remember as i analysed my signature from Mr. Vishwas. I was quite stunned while reading his report and how exactly he described my nature. I was surprised that how a complete stranger can read our character and nature with the help of our handwriting and signature.

    Thanks Mr. Vishwas for showing me the way to improve.

  • sushil kumar

    First of all ,Thanks you for analyzing my handwriting. Your analysis is absolutely correct about me . I am surprised that handwriting could reveal so much about the person but also it can be also use for personal growth / improvement under Expert guidance .

    Thanks You again Mr. Vishwash for your guidance and support .

  • Danielle

    This handwriting analysis is an interesting mirror. It seems based upon criteria we might not ordinarily assess ourselves by, and it does not cater to our illusions. I have not had my handwriting analyzed before, but I think Vishwas is exceptionally gifted psychologically in creating a portrait. In the 6+ pages, often uncannily accurate descriptions of personality traits, habits and even pet peeves were tactfully covered. He zeroed in (with spot-on accuracy) my present frustration/hurdle, then gracefully tied things together with the goal of improvement. Even without the included supervised exercises, the report was valuable for self-analysis, but I’m looking forward to working through the exercises!

    • Thanks, Danielle! We appreciate your feedback and we’re glad to know that your experience with Write Choice has been satisfactory. We will stay in touch through emails. Thanks for your patronage.

  • dpk

    Absolutely amazed and stunned by you accuracy!!! I had a smile through out while reading. I hope to improve things with your suggestions.

    • That’s great to hear, DPK! All the very best!

  • Rahul

    Amazing !. Was literally shocked to learn so much about me from the handwriting analysis and it was so accurate. Thank you so much Mr. Vishwas. Hoping to improve myself with the suggestions and be associated with you for a longer time.

    Keep you the great work !

  • Sreeraj

    Thanks Vishwas for analysing my handwriting/signature so accurate !! I was really surprised after reading my identity. Very thanks for the new Signature.

  • Jaspreet

    Amazingly succinct and a precise analysis of personality traits from just my handwriting/ signature ! Many thanks Vishwas … looking forward to your support and working through your suggestions.

  • Jaspreet

    As they say better to start early ! Got my son’s signature analysed and so very glad about it … Vishwas has helped me in understanding both the positives and areas for improvement … truly grateful for the in-depth insights.

  • Shikha

    Absolutely amazing! Perfect analysis By Vishwas Sir. I am glad I took this step of getting my signature analysed and at the Right STOP. Many Thanks Sir! Looking forward to your suggestions for a much better and happy life.Thank you.

  • Trupti

    I am grateful for having met Vishwas! His analysis was absolute and spot-on. When I met him, I was going through some very trying times in my life. I was dealing with personality issues. Vishwas has been very encouraging, patient and a gem of a listener to my problems in these two months. After diligently doing the exercises, I am proud to say I have overcome my self-esteem issue, feel more empowered and I come to believe in my capabilities and that I deserve nothing less than the best.
    Many many thanks to Vishwas!
    May God bless you 🙂

  • CM Wong

    Just rec’d my report and I must say it’s pretty accurate reading.Many thanks.

  • Delphi

    I was never aware of how handwriting or signatures really speak of personality traits. It sounded fiction to me. My signature style continued to be what it was for decades now. Accidentally, someone who was oriented to handwriting skills saw my signature and said I need to change it ! Well I was lost as I didn’t know how to do that. I was then referred about Write Choice and I took it up on myself to change. My communication with Write Choice began and it was a lovely experience. I am still baffled at how alphabets, their strokes, loops and all say sooo much. Vishwas has been prompt to respond with sound advise. His eye for detail and continued guidance during practice sessions speaks a lot of his commitment to this science. Based on my handwriting Vishwas shared my personality traits and that left me wondering about this mystical thing called handwriting. He was on the mark about my personality and believe me he has never seen or met me. This is just amazing. Hats off to Vishwas- guiding people towards eliminating the unwanted and seeking the desirable in their lives is undoubtedly a noble cause. Blessings and good wishes for many more lives that you need to touch upon to make them experience the magic wand of Vishwas.

  • BL Tew

    Thank you for making me understand myself better. Appreciate your suggestion to change my signature.

  • Teh Geok Ean

    Thanks for this valuable report. Hope this will help me to be a Better Person.
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to my Boss for giving me the opportunity to know more about my New Signature.

  • Atul

    Thank you so much for the amazing services. I think it’s worth a lot. You are doing a magnificent job.

    such services are available only in countries like US, UK, etc. I am
    really pleased that I could find it in India. Thank you!

  • Premkanth M

    Dear Mr Vishwas, I wish to convey my wholehearted thanks to you, for your amazing accuracy in handwriting analysis.and your reading was most authentic. I am waiting to start my therapy session from tomorrow. I came to know about handwriting analysis about 30 years ago,but never found a good mentor and 4 years ago i did get myself enrolled in an institute from Bangalore and realised it was just a money making racket. Very glad that I found you. I have already suggested my friends to go ahead and get their writing too analysed.

  • ramya ranganath

    The Signature analysis service that I received from Write Choice was smooth and very detailed. I received an astute and useful report of my personality traits and a concrete solution for various issues I might have. I also received timely guidance and hand holding throughout the 30 day exercise. All in all, am extremely satisfied with my new signature and the guidance received from the Write Choice team. Will definitely be consulting regarding more handwriting related services. Thanks a bunch. Ramya.

    • Thanks, Ramya. We’ll be happy to be of assistance whenever you need us in the future.

  • Heather

    I am enjoying the process of changing my signature. It fascinates me to discover how elements of one’s personality and behaviour can be exhibited in one’s handwriting but then why not? Every type of mark making is unique to the person making that mark and will exhibit something about them. It is especially wonderful though to be able to influence one’s outlook, one’s approach and one’s effect on life by deliberately altering tiny aspects of one’s handwriting. Thank you to Vishwas and the Write Choice team who are both so helpful and full of advice and insight. So far a very rewarding experience!

  • Rupesh

    The process by write choice is very smoothe. Assistance and support is prompt. Timely guidance is given during the one month practice period. In one month of practice only I am feeling positive changes in my thought process and my perspective on viewing a situation. Confident of reaping more benefits in future. Thank you Mr Vishwas.