Sally’s handwriting says she bites more than she can chew

In this post, I am analysing the handwriting of Write Choice reader Sally, a resident of Texas.  The prominent feature of her handwriting is its line spacing. Let’s see what line spacing means in handwriting analysis:

I have met many intelligent people like Sally in my life. But probably none of them have the tendency to waste it as my darling Sally does. The most noticeable feature in her handwriting is that she often bites more than she can chew. Sally takes up too many assignments at a time and the finds the situation utterly confusing.

Handwriting analysis and line spacing

Notice the complex line spacing of her handwriting. The lower zone of one line mostly touches the upper zone of the line below. This entangled line spacing shows  that she packs in a number of things in a day and at the end of it, she realises she has finished nothing. The backlog keeps increasing and then she feels she has lagged behind. That fills her with a sense of under-achievement and steps up the pressure to “perform”.

In her life, there are many decisions that have been postponed because she is not able to arrive at a conclusion about the things she wants. Very often, she finds herself spoiled by a cornucopia of choices. Well, it may sound interesting to have plenty of choices before you, but what remains after the judicious elimination of unwanted stuff is what we stand for. I want to avoid the word confused or confusion, but the truth is that Sally comes too close to that.

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If you visit her home or office, you are find loads of files or papers scattered around. Sally likes to keep them all in front of herself to make sure she finishes them. Despite being a capable person, Sally loses track of her assignments because she does not prioritize or plan. Leaving one task unfinished, she hops to the other and ends up finishing neither. And then, sometimes, Sally blames others for creating hurdles.

At times, people also call her a worrier and ask her to let her hair down a bit. But Sally being Sally…. she hardly listens to them and wants to keep herself busy all the time. In fact, she silences her critics with her exceptionally good communication skills. Yes, Sally is wonderful with words and she uses them to her advantage.

Sally, first of all you need to work on how to prioritize and give a hierarchy to your assigments. Every thing can’t be finished at a time. So, what’s wrong with trying one at a time?

Very soon I will send you graphotherapy exercises aimed at eliminating those choices which others have imposed on you. You need to set your priorities and the exercise will help you do that.

All the best!

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