Mr Yogesh always doubts his abilities; he needs to have more faith in himself

In this post, I am analysing the handwriting sample of a Write Choice reader, Yogesh. His handwriting tells me that Yogesh wants to do well in life but he sees his future dark. It’s because of his lack of faith in himself to achieve what he aspires to get.

Yogesh, you have the potential to do well, but you constantly doubt yourself. You may not tell this to others, but will-I-be-able-to-do-it thoughts keep crossing your mind every time you take up project.

Also, you have spread negativity around yourself because of this feeling of self-doubt. Very often, you give up the tasks you have undertaken, which have filled you with a feeling of incompetence. You are extremely stressed because of these frequent failures.

In short, most of your problems originate from your lack of confidence and the tendency to worry a lot. My suggestion is you should stop worrying so much and have some patience. Do not give up easily.

Yogesh's handwriting sampleIn personal relationships, it’ll be better if you invest a little more trust. You need to trust your partner and respect her commitment. Your feeling of being “unloved” originates from your own fears and insecurities. And please stop indulging in the game of self-blame. The world is not suffering because of you and all your problems are not generated by your actions. Instead of hammering yourself, try to find solutions to the problem. You get so lost in your own problems that you hardly think of solutions. Let me tell you that in personal relationships, it will show up as a major barrier between you and your partner because you will be absorbed in your problems that you will hardly find time for the other person.

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The bottom line: You can do much better than you think you can. So, cheer up and do the exercises I will send you shortly.

All the best! And sorry for the delay in posting your analysis.


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