Illegible signature: Does it show writer is dishonest?

As a handwriting analyst, I’ve seen that about 90 per cent of people I meet want their handwriting analysed. The remaining don’t. Graphologists say only two kinds of people don’t want their handwriting under the scanner: one is illiterate and the other has something to hide. However, I believe there’s a third category: the person is your boss (I don’t wanna lose my job, you see).

The tendency to hide one’s real motives is seen both in personal and public life, which is reflected by various strokes in handwriting. Today we’ll only talk about people who wish to remain a mystery in public.

A person who guards his inner feelings in public always maintains a certain degree of illegibility in signature.

Incidentally, signature shows how people behave in public and how they want others to perceive them. For instance, a girl with an illegible signature won’t possess a transparent nature and her activities — good or bad — can remain unknown for a long time.

I’ve a friend with this trait and his signature has some illegibility. I’ve known this gentleman for about three years, but he never discusses what is happening in his life with me. Nevertheless, he is a nice and harmless chap.

Illegible signatureLikewise, people who sign their names with certain illegibility have a propensity to withhold facts and restrain inner feelings. That’s not to say they’re necessarily being dishonest by concealing them. Such signatures can only tell you that they want to hide. What they want to mask (maybe insecurities, traumatic experiences, social deviancy or sexual perversion) is known from their handwriting, and not just signature alone.

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In short, illegible signature reflects an inclination to remain mysterious, impenetrable and enigmatic, but the reason behind the tendency can be both malicious and benevolent. One must check all aspects of handwriting before arriving at conclusions.

This article first appeared in Mumbai Mirror


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