You communication skill is revealed by how you form oval letters

Handwriting analysis reveals many of your personality traits. A graphologist takes into account several handwriting analysis traits and examines letter formations to correlate them with your personality traits.

For example, how you get your ideas across or communicate is shown by lower case ovals such as a, o and d. These are also known as communication letters. I give below a few personality traits  revealed by handwriting.

Handwriting Analysis Trait #1: Quiet personality

If you do not like to communicate much and like to keep your opinions to yourself, it is possible that your communication letters are closed at the top.

Such writers do not open their mouth or give their opinion without being asked. Also, if the oval letters are devoid of any hooks or loops, it means that the writer is very frank and if you ask their opinion on anything, you should be willing to listen to unadulterated truth.

Handwriting Analysis Trait #2: Talkativeness

We do know that some people fall in trouble because they talk a lot. Such writers cannot keep a secret and feel an inherent need to express their inner feelings.

In handwriting analysis, this personality trait is seen when the writer leaves open the tops of communication letters. The wider the opening, the more talkative the person is. (Talkativeness in handwriting)

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Handwriting Analysis Trait #3: Self-deception

If you turn away from reality as if they don’t exist at all, you may have self-deceit personality trait. Such writers not only refuse to face facts, but also try to rationalise their actions howsoever inappropriate they might be.

In handwriting analysis, self-deceit is seen when an oval letter has a loop on its left side. Again, the size of the loop determines the intensity of self-deception. This handwriting analysis trait is very common.

Handwriting Analysis Trait #4: Secretiveness

Handwriting of secretive peopleSecretiveness in handwriting is shown by a loop on the right side of the signature. Such a writer can be trusted for keeping secrets. This loop is often found in people handling jobs that requires them to keep certain details secret. However, if the loop co-exists with the opening at the top of the oval letter, it means that the writer wishes to maintain secrecy but is unable to do that. If you ask such people to reveal a secret, you may face initial resistance. But ultimately you may win. I have found this handwriting analysis trait in many writers.

Handwriting Analysis Trait #5: Lies

In handwriting analysis, this trait is shown by double loops inside an oval letter. Both on the left and the right. Such writers often misrepresent facts to ensure they do not lose approval of those who matter.

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But I have experienced that before calling someone a liar or a deceiver, other aspects of the writer’s handwriting should be taken into account. Often, people lie because of some serious fears. I have discussed lies in handwriting in detail in other articles.

There are many other interesting handwriting analysis traits. Explore the site and learn more about it.

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