How well do you know your own signature? Find out

How to analyse your signature: You may have noticed that most people are  interested in their signature only, and they do not care much about how the rest of their handwriting looks. The level of interest is pretty high in a signature because the signature is a more visible form of a your handwriting. It gets noticed more often than you handwriting. According to handwriting analysis, you pay more attention to your signature because:

1) Your signature is the face you present to the world
2) Your signature is what you want them to see of you
3) Your signature indicates how you want the world to think of you

In simple terms, it means that if you like the way you are and are comfortable with your personality, your signature and handwriting will look probably the same. It also means that you do not compulsively try to “make an impression” on the world.

On the other hand, if your signature and the rest of the writing are different, it means that you have two personalities — one for the people close to you, and the other for the rest of the world.

Can you see now that it is not at all difficult to learn how to analyse your signature! Let’s move on and learn more.

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A signature slightly bigger than the rest of the writing is considered normal. It shows a healthy self-esteem in the writer. But if you sign your name much larger than your normal handwriting, it indicates you feel the need to be more visible. Most people with bigger signatures are in a job that requires high visibility. That is why most movie stars have large and flamboyant signatures that say: ‘Here I am, notice me!’ (See signatures of famous personalities)

If the signature is smaller than the rest of the writing, it means that the writer is uncomfortable with a few aspects of his life. He feels inadequate. The desire to write small indicates that he does not want to get noticed at all because he feels that there is nothing in him for which people should pay attention to him. In short, a sign of low-self esteem.

A right slant in the signature shows that the writer is trying to appear more emotionally expressive. But whether he is indeed as expressive as he is showing will be known by the slant of his overall handwriting. Similarly, a writer with an upward or leftward slant is someone who likes to remain quiet and reserved in public.

How is your signature? Have you figures out a little how to analyse your signature? Do you want to know more about it or change it? Contact us today!


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