Revealed: One handwriting stroke that will make you a more efficient person

Sujatha (name changed) was “dead sure” that she was doing everything right and yet her sense of job satisfaction was at its lowest point. She felt she deserved much more than what she got credit for, and what she considered to be just a bad patch was now looking like a lasting phenomenon.

A lot of us have been through this feeling, haven’t we? Sujatha reluctantly approached me as a “last resort” because she swore that she did not believe “anything other than hard work ever worked…”

Well, I’m not indicating that hard work doesn’t pay. But I have always believed in collecting all the tips I can to make the uphill journey towards success as smooth as possible, and one of those tools is “writing my way to success” by writing right!

Sujatha already felt defeated in having to consult me but all that changed in a matter of minutes. Her reluctance, I later realised, was due to her mind’s projection that her handwriting had become less “neat” over the years and therefore could not be representative of her sharp mind and all the great qualities hidden in her.

Efficient Woman

Through her analysis, she realised that handwriting analysis is hardly about just the neatness of the writing and how revealing an analysis can be. Sujatha’s handwriting showed that she was very persistent at anything she did, she was disciplined, had a logical mind and a lot of the good qualities required to be successful in anything she put her mind to. See how persistence is reflected in handwriting.

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Once she heard that, she was more receptive and excited. “All this sounds nice, tell me what’s wrong then!” she said impatiently. Well, she was persistent and stubborn, now that is a combination that can make you stay in the same place for a long time! Click here to see how stubbornness is demonstrated in handwriting.

There were several other things that I will not go into here, the idea here is to share something that you can benefit from and that you can implement to enhance your life.

Whenever you come across a word that has two T’s next to each other, how do you write those? Before proceeding further, take a pen and paper and write out the following sentences: “I am feeling better, my mind is settled, and I am getting more efficient at everything I do.”

After you finish reading this article, you can also go back and check some of your older writing samples to see how you functioned at various previous instances. Umm, no cheating, folks!

According to graphology, a person who is efficient would ideally use one T-bar to cut across both the T’s in words that have 2 T’s. Even if you think of it logically, why slow yourself down twice to write the bar when you can do it in one shot? So if you already do that, great, congratulations! If you don’t, just change it consciously starting today. Now that’s easy to implement, isn’t it?

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Whenever you write a word that has two T’s, just use one single bar to cross them (see pic on the left). The bar should be firm, at least 3/4th of the way up, and balanced, i.e. not entirely to the left, because a T bar mostly to the left side would still mean procrastination. (Read about procrastination in handwriting). This one change is certainly desirable and can be implemented with immediate effect. It’s one of the very effective graphotherapy exercises.

Coming back to Sujatha, among other things, this was one more deficiency identified in her writing that was not in alignment with what she wanted. I recommended this and several other changes to her. Today, having worked on all the changes, Sujatha is in a much better position both mentally and monetarily.

If you are going through a bad patch, I would sincerely recommend do not resist help offered by other modalities to supplement your good work. There is no harm in taking help.

If we were to honestly only rely on introspection and reflection to analyze ourselves as we move forward, the fact is not all of us are objective enough in our assessments. Our mind conjures up so many “reasons” and often clouds the reality. Handwriting analysis not only offers you an unbiased insight into your own mind but also the solutions to make those changes and make your life better.

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Hope this tip helps you a long way and we’ll keep posting more so stay connected!


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