2 bad strokes your partner’s handwriting should not have

People are not necessarily who they say they are. Sometimes, they project a different picture of themselves just to hide their true personality. But in some cases, they wear a cloak just to hide a dagger. And when the secret weapon finally comes out, it catches you unawares and hurts you badly. And it hurts all the more if the dagger is found in the hand of your partner.

Using graphology, one can see the hidden dagger much before it is whipped out. We have picked two particular handwriting strokes whose presence in a handwriting sample should give you a reason to get suspicious about the writer and indicate that it is time to be careful.  Let us identify the two strokes that you surely do not want to see in your partner’s handwriting.

Abusive relationship

When you are in a relationship, things that perhaps hurt the most are lies and betrayal. Trust is the foundation of any good relationship. Let us examine two specific formations in handwriting that are associated with lying and betrayal.

Loop on the right side of letter OPeople, who write letter O with a loop on the right side, maintain a certain degree of secretiveness and withhold facts. They are programmed to ensure that some parts of the facts are left out — often intentionally rather than inadvertently. If this type of O is found in a disorganised handwriting, the writer cannot cannot be trusted at all.

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The tendency to withhold facts touches phenomenally high level if there are two loops crossing each other inside the letter (see the picture below). This indicates that the writer is a pathological liar. Subconsciously, he does this to gain sympathy or attention.  In short, people who write this way are unreliable. This problem is amplified if it coexists with a wide loopy handwriting.

Another handwriting formation, which indicates the writer’s tendency to be dangerous and untrustworthy, comes in the shape of a claw. Watch out for this in the writing; it indicates the writer’s tendency to cheat. It is important that for the stroke to qualify as a claw, it has to come down and curve gently towards the left, rising up with a smooth curve as shown in the picture below.

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About the claw, graphologist Milind Rajore says: “The greater the size of the smooth curve, the higher the intensity of the person to cheat confidently and smoothly.”

Where can we see it in the writing? It can be seen in y, g, p, f, t, j, a, s, I, and even M, N. Basically the presence of the claw indicates an element of cheating. The zone and alphabet in which the claw is present would give the graphologist an idea which activity the person would cheat.

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Claw formation in handwriting

The whole problem with the people who write this formation is that they are generally very impressive and attractive when you interact with them. In fact, when I have noticed this in clients’ writings and suggested that they eliminate it from their writing immediately, many of them recall having copied this formation from a friend’s writing because they felt it looked good! We subconsciously copy the mannerisms, style of a person we like. So also, because these writers are very charming, people tend to idolize and even copy this formation.

Why this is particularly dangerous? Why do we want that our partner not have this formation? Well, while upon initial interaction they seem friendly and harmless, they operate with an ulterior motive or tendency to win your trust and then cheat you on a later date when you least expect it.

Claw in handwriting analysis

Not every person with this formation will necessarily act on such impulse each time. But in the Grapho world, it is certainly considered a very avoidable formation and one that should be immediately eliminated from the writing. If you notice in handwriting of someone you know, ask him to change it. But if you cannot, just be careful.

What if you are already in a relationship with such a writer and you therefore don’t like whatever I’ve written here? Well, you don’t need to change the partner, just his/her handwriting. It’s a small thing to ask and both of you will benefit anyway. Interestingly, the people who carry this formation in their writing also get cheated often. So, they also benefit by its removal.

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While the claw is more dangerous of the two strokes we have discussed here, the good news is that it can be easily removed through handwriting exercises. It’s the loops in the letter o, which are more difficult to remove from the handwriting. (Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s handwriting also has claws)

So, go check your partners’ writing right away.

Articles on Write Choice are written to create awareness about graphology. They are informative but not a substitute for formally learning the subject. We recommend that you take the next step and take a formal training in how to analyse handwriting. If you are in Pune, you may contact Mythili Iyer to learn handwriting analysis.