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Home Study Course Handwriting Analysis

Home-study Course on Graphology: Learn Online

We understand you are a busy person and it’s difficult for you to take the time out of your hectic schedule to attend a class on handwriting analysis. The good news is that the time constraint, which always prevented you from learning handwriting analysis, cannot be a barrier anymore. We have found you a solution; we bring you the home-study course in handwriting analysis.

You may have some concerns regarding the effectiveness of our home-study course. If you do, we urge you to read the comments posted by people who have taken our course. Just scroll down to the end of the page.

Now that you are convinced you’ve come to the right place in your pursuit of knowledge, you may ask us what this home-study course is all about and how it has been prepared.

The online course on handwriting analysis offered by us has been systematically divided into chapters. It also has several video tutorials which will help you understand a handwriting sample in a better manner. In the videos, we have explained all you need to see in a handwriting sample to analyse it accurately. (Check out details)

Now, you may ask: what will happen after you have taken the course?

We assure you that after completing this beginners’ course, any handwriting sample will ‘talk’ to you; you will know for sure what it means when someone writes in a certain way. And believe us, it will be fun!

So, wait no more. Grab yourself a home-study online course in handwriting analysis.

If you have already enrolled for the course, download it from the link below:


What you will learn in Level I:

  1. What margins in handwriting means
  2. What the baseline of handwriting reveals
  3. What spacing between words and letters means
  4. What the pressure of handwriting tells about a writer
  5. What the size of the handwriting — small, big, medium — reveals
  6. What the slant of handwriting reveals and how to measure slants
  7. What the connection between letters reveals
  8. How to analyse individual letters
  9. Signature Analysis – An introduction


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After the payment is received, you can download the entire course from anywhere. (Visit our FAQs page)

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