Is he cheating on you? His handwriting can give you many clues

Cellphone ringtones usually sound cacophonous in the morning. Mine had rung away twice while I slept that cold Sunday morning in January last year (2013). The wall clock said it was 8.15 am.

I looked at the phone on the side table. It was silent now. I decided not to pick it up to check who the caller was. I was still sleepy and my head was feeling heavy because I had a drink too many the previous night. Therefore, the idea was going back to the warmth of the quilt was far more alluring. So, without any resistance, I gave in to the temptation.

Is he cheating on you? Handwriting may give you many clues

About five minutes later, I was again woken up by the ringing of the cellphone. I did not wait for slow-as-ever Truecaller to inform me who it was. I took the call.

“Did I wake you up? I’m sorry if I did. I wouldn’t have if it were not important,” said a female voice on the other end of the phone.

“I beg your pardon. I did not recognise you. Who is this?” I said with sleepiness oozing out of my each word.

“I’m Deepika. We don’t know each other. This is the first time we are talking,” she said, filling me with surprise.

“What can I do for you, Deepika?” I asked.

“I want to meet you.”


“I need you to analyse the handwriting of my husband,” she said.

“Any specific reason you want me to analyse his handwriting?”

There was a brief silence. “Yes. But I will tell you when we meet,” Deepika said, agreeing to meet me in the afternoon at a coffee shop in Bandra.

I reached the coffee shop before her, occupying a corner table not far away from the entrance. After a few minutes, I saw a 28-something woman getting off an Audi in front of the coffee shop. She walked straight in and started looking around. I was not sure it was her. But when I saw her walking towards me confidently with a smile, I realised probably she had identified the bespectacled man.

“You don’t look very different from your picture on your website,” she said, taking the chair across the table.

I smiled back.

We ordered coffee and spoke for about 10 minutes during which Deepika said she wanted me to analyse his handwriting because she suspected that her husband, a businessman, was cheating on her. She told me about a few incidents that made her think that something fishy was going on in his life.

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“I wanted to have him shadowed by a detective. But before executing that plan, I wanted your opinion on whether there is any merit in going to that extent. I mean… at least you can tell me whether I should be suspicious or not,” she said, with the same unmissable smile.

A young man who brought our cappuccino smiled at the pretty lady, completely ignoring me, and said: “Anything else?”

“That would be all,” she told him and emptied two sachets of sugar into her cup.

“You want me to give a character certificate to your husband?” I said with a grin and took the first sip of my coffee.

She burst out laughing. “You can say that,” she said pushing towards me an envelope that contained a few handwriting samples that included greeting cards, small notes and some random jottings.

“See, Deepika, what you are asking me to do is a difficult task,” I said even as I took out the contents of the envelope. “I will try. At least you are not asking me to tell you directly whether your husband is a cheat or not. Because in handwriting analysis, we can say whether someone has a tendency to behave in a certain way. But whether one has behaved or will behave in a certain manner cannot be determined from one’s handwriting.”

She nodded and said, “I understand it totally. But I want you know to tell me everything clearly and honestly without inhibitions. I don’t see myself as a person who can be tied down to a relationship despite its absolute meaninglessness. I am an independent woman, I earn well and I know how the world works. If this man is cheating — and I will find out the truth sooner or later — I will not stay with him at any cost.”

Clearly, she wanted to sound confident and sure-footed. She did not want even me to know the real state of her mind. But her confidence was developing wrinkles, and she was unable to hide the underlying anxiety.

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I pored over the handwriting samples for quite some time and concluded that Deepika should go ahead and ascertain the basis of her suspicions. I was about to tell her that. At the same time, I understood my own dilemma. My conclusions ran the risk of being interpreted by her as an absolute indictment of her husband’s integrity. I wanted to avoid that.

“Deepika, your husband’s handwriting samples indicate that he is capable of being led astray. But I want you to understand that I am not saying he is a scoundrel. All I am saying is that your fears are not entirely baseless and it is possible that something could be going on in his life…”

“What are the chances of my suspicions being right?” she interrupted and asked.

“It’s tough to quantify it that way, but according to what I see in his handwriting, it is likely that you may be correct,” I said.

Handwriting analysis and cheating

I went on for a few minutes during which she listened to me patiently. She put the handwriting samples back into the envelope and told me she would approach a professional detective to find out the truth. We left after some time.

About four months later, I sent her a message. In reply, I got a text from her. But before I disclose what the text message was, I should tell you what I saw in her husband’s handwriting.

I noticed three elements in the handwriting. Each backing up one another. Please note here that it was the combination of all three that indicated that the writer was capable of going beyond limits as far as his sexual and physical areas are concerned. They were not analysed in isolation.

1. Lower Zone G & Y

Loop in Letter Y
Loop in Letter Y

The first thing I noticed in his handwriting was that the loops in the lower zone letter ‘g’ & ‘y’ were wide and bloated. Lower zone indicates the writer’s physical and sexual life. The handwriting indicated that the writer had inflated sexual imagination and strong libido.

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2. Erratic baseline

People who have taken our Home-study Course in Handwriting Analysis know that baseline of a handwriting is the imaginary line on which the middle zone letters rest. The baseline of the handwriting of Deepika’s husband was erratic and wavy. Erratic baseline indicates the writer’s unstable moods; it also shows that the writer’s moral values fluctuate and it is possible that the writer may find his moral stand in a vulnerable spot. What it means is that the writer may give in to temptations rather easily depending on where his interests lie. In this case, the writer had an exaggerated sexual imagination and a strong libido.

3. Double-p stems

Douple p-stems: Second p is bigger than the first one

The third element was the double p-stems in the lower zone, the physical area. You notice in the example above that the second p is bigger than the first. This variation in size points to the inconsistency as far as intimate relationships are concerned. In this writer’s handwriting, this inconsistency occurred many times. (To know what it means if the first p is bigger than the second, click here).

Also, his handwriting lacked a well-developed upper zone, which indicated that that the writer did not have moral inhibitions. A de-emphasized upper zone indicates the writer does not think much before acting.

These three key indicators and many other elements helped me arrive at a conclusion about Deepika’s husband. And that is what I told her. These handwriting elements did not clearly indict the man. But they gave sufficient hints that his wife’s fears may turn out to be true.

When you are analysing a handwriting sample, always look at the entire handwriting sample rather than looking at one element in isolation. If you go about it the wrong way, your analysis may not be accurate and you may not be able to do justice to the handwriting sample or to the writer.

By the way, the text message from Deepika was: “We no longer live together.”

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