Can changing your signature make you rich? You will find out in this post

If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.’

— Napoleon Bonaparte

Some handwriting analysis professionals are taking this French military and political leader very, very seriously without realising that there was just one Bonaparte and only he could get away with something like this. Not everyone is that lucky.

Now, allow me to come to the point quickly. A few weeks ago, a friend — let’s call him B — bumped into a “handwriting analyst” at a gathering. The analyst — we’ll call her F — looked at his signature and told him to carry out a few changes.

“What will happen if I change the signature,” B asked F, without mentioning we knew each other.

“It will bring a good flow of cash in your life,” F told him.

Having found the shortcut to getting rich quite enticing, B sent me the signature sample she had recommended him, wanting to know whether he should follow her suggestions.

(Honestly, I don’t know why B wanted to follow a stranger’s advice with such promptness and alacrity when he had consistently ignored all my counsel on his handwriting and signature. Well, I’m not cribbing, but friends do take you for granted… sometimes. Don’t tell B about it; keep it between you and me.)

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Coming back to point: I advised B against using the signature, not only because it did not look appealing to me, but also because it carried a ‘Bonapartian’ promise.

I don’t know the depth of Ms F’s knowledge in the subject. But in my limited understanding of signature analysis, there is no way in hell a change in signature can alter the flow of cash in your life.

If there was anything so amazingly magical or wizardly about changing the signature, common sense dictates that I should have picked up the “best one” several years ago, corrected the course of cash in my life, and settled somewhere in the Bahamas.

Sadly, that did not happen. The idea of settling in the coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean remained what it always was — a dream. And here I am, like any of you, working hard to make a living.

The bottom line: A signature change cannot interfere with the cash flow in your life. In short, what Ms F is saying is nothing short of deception. I decided to discuss this here because according to a legal maxim, it is fraud to conceal fraud.

If at all, changing signature only changes your attitude, the way you see yourself, and helps you break some old habits. It does not affect your wallet or bank balance in any way. Not even remotely. Not by a long shot.

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Signature Analysis

It has been my pleasure to apprise you of what handwriting analysis is all about for the past many years and therefore I feel it is incumbent on me to also help you separate the men from the boys, the facts from lies, and, of course, the myths from realities. Therefore, it will be useful for you to visit a previous article to get a better idea of what graphology can find out and what it cannot.

At the same time, you should also be aware that graphology and its curative offshoot, graphotherapy, have their limitations. The scope of the subjects is to understand human personality traits, and, if needed, suggest changes in the handwriting or signature to address some personality roadblocks. Promises of anything above and beyond using handwriting analysis as a tool are like saying Rahul Gandhi can fix all that is wrong with India.


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