Signature analysis of Steve Jobs Vs. Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ allegations

Latest news about Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs definitely calls for a revisit of the signature analysis of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was “mean”, “awkward” and even simulated sex acts in front of her, alleges daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs. She offers a biting take on her life with the Apple guru. and reveals disturbing moments which soured their relationship.

In her upcoming memoir, Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs narrates instances witnessing her father Steve Job’s inappropriate behaviour towards her stepmother, Laurene Powell Jobs, The Sun reported.

An excerpt in the New York Times reveals that Lisa recounts memories of Steve Jobs getting intimate with his second wife in front of her, and calling it a family moment. (Read the excerpts here)

Steve Jobs Signature Analysis
Steve Jobs Signature

We had earlier analyzed Steve Jobs’ signature. His signature analysis reveals aspects of his personality which were confirmed by his various colleagues. Aspects like humility, aggression, and other traits are clearly evident in his signature. Read the full analysis of Steve Jobs’ signature here.

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